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At Klozers we believe in User First selling which simply means the Users of our site and our Customers come first. The content is designed to answer the many questions people have regarding B2B Sales, and hopefully provide some insight into new ideas, strategies and practical actions you can take to sell more every day.

This means we are building on the content every day and improving the navigation to make it easier for users to find. So please check back regularly to get updates on the content or you can sign up via the Members page which will give you free access to all the sales tools, guides and templates.

Meet Our Founder Iain Swanston

Iain Swanston Bio
Iain Swanston Bio


Iain specialises in helping businesses accelerate their sales growth and has a track record of delivering significant, sustained improvements in his client’s professional sales capabilities.

With a 30 year track record, Iain’s broad expertise in sales enables him to equip sales people and businesses with everything they need to deliver higher, sustainable revenues.  With a broad portfolio of solutions each predicated on accurate up front diagnosis of the challenges organisations are facing, Iain is the “Go To” guy for making sales happen.  Hence one Microsoft Business Manager described Iain as the ‘Sat Nav for Sales Success’. 


After 30 years in sales, the last 10 of which were spent consulting, training and coaching, Iain has become a sought after Expert and Facilitator for Sales Change.

Iain has worked with small entrepreneurial start-ups, SME’s and corporate giants such as Microsoft Corp, and is Scotland’s foremost thought leader on Consultative Selling Skills.  In addition to the many Technology companies Iain works with, he also has supported businesses in Telecoms, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Business Services, Oil & Gas.  Iain also works with Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise to provide sales support to Scotland’s thriving Entrepreneurial community.


Iains’ Speakers Rider

Many thanks for selecting Iain Swanston as your Guest Speaker.  In order that your event runs smoothly and your attendees get the most from your event please see below the Rider details.


Iain uses a Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 10 Pro operating system.  The device itself has:

Full-size USB 3.0 port

microSD card slot

Mini DisplayPort version 1.2.

(Please note all presentations are backed up to the cloud prior to your event. This way if we are unlucky enough to have a pc failure the deck will still be available for the event via the cloud.)

We carry an adapter at all times that enables connections to VGA or HDMI.  If these connections are not available then please contact us immediately.

Visual & Audio Requirements

This varies greatly depending on the audience size requirements and the location however please use the following as a guide:

All – 240 volt power required for the PC during setup and the event

Audience less than 20 – minimum 48 inch HD screen and no microphone

Audience greater than 20 and less than 50 – minimum 6ft HD screen and wireless microphone + 2 x speakers

Audience greater than 50 – minimum 20ft HD screen and wireless microphone + 4 speakers

Room Layout

For workshops and training events please arrange the seating in “Banqueting Layout” or “U Shape”.  In addition all workshops and training events require a minimum of 2 x flipcharts with adequate marker pens and paper.

For speaking events “Theatre Layout” is acceptable.

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