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Sales Management Training



A well drilled high performing sales team will easily outsell the competition, but not with a Manager – they need a Leader. This Sales Management Training Course is for Business Owners, Sales Directors and Commercial Directors or future Sales Leaders who want to create and lead high performing sales teams.

Building out from the essentials of Sales Management – Planning, Structure & Accountability, Training & Coaching the course includes finding and hiring sales people that can actually sell, through to sales benchmarking, coaching sales winners, management & accountability, sales performance reviews, sales strategies and most importantly sales leadership; this course has everything the modern sales manager needs to deliver tangible sales results.

Why You Should Attend

The ability to lead and manage a sales team has never  been more important, with changes in buyer behaviour sales people need to re-align themselves.  Modern selling now requires modern sales management as companies can no longer afford not to drive revenues and growth.  Discover how to avoid common recruitment mistakes by hiring the wrong people.  Learn practical strategies to help turnaround low performing sales people and help them motivate themselves.   This Sales Management course provides the vital knowledge, skills and support that managers need to make the improvements necessary for the business.


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3 reviews for Sales Management Training

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    “I have just completed a two day course with Klozers learning all about sales techniques and even more about myself. I have a successful business. I have been a “natural” sales person all my life. I assumed that it was something that you were either born with or not. Well guess what? This stuff can be learned, in a clear and structured way. Its not rocket science but it is a science. Importantly for me, even with years of experience, clear profits and a sales force under my belt, my own skills were significantly improved. I enjoyed all of it but the best bit was the “A ha!” moments when everything became clear and the way forward easy and bright. I think that Iain has a hunch that he is good but actually he is great. I am delighted to recommend Klozers.”

    Gaynor Turner, Director – Macintyres of Edinburgh

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    “Iain is an inspiring person to work with. After spending the first few sessions with Iain, I have taken on two large contracts adopting the approach and cannot thank him enough for the time and expertise he has afforded to helping my business grow. If you ever need someone to deliver no nonsense sales training and consultancy Iain is your man. Highly recommended.”
    Steven Sibbald, Managing Director – Lettingweb

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    “Iain Swanston’s style, content and delivery of sales training is unusual – it works ! When I put the recommendations into practice I found them to be the very effective. Iain’s training turns the art of sales on its head and makes no apology for reinstating the sales role as the key driver in any organisation.”
    Alison Taylor, Fundraising & Partnerships Manager – Royal Highland & Agricultural Society