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Sales Performance Improvement


Sales Performance Improvement

Our Sales Performance Improvement programme provides a framework for ongoing, incremental and measurable sales improvements.  As no two organisations are the same, each programme is bespoke and tailored to exactly fit the sales challenges most relevant to the organisation.  Each sales improvement programme is run on a Project basis with relevant project goals, milestones, success measurements, assumptions and alternatives.

As an example the minimum performance goals on Project delivery are 2% profitability, per sales person, per month which aggregates to 24% per annum per sales person.  Legally we are of course obliged to say that results vary dependant on the companies and individuals involved.  Historically attendees on this programme have made a minimum of 9 different sales improvements per month.

Project Management

Every Sales Improvement programme is assigned a Project Manager who is responsible for the analysis and design of the project and serves as the main point of contact for our partners.

Project Delivery

In some cases our clients know what to do, but simply do not have the resources to execute.  In these cases the Klozers team are available to deliver and execute the project plan,  either on an independent basis, or working in Partnership with your team.  Our team are experts in helping you:


1. Find new customers


2. Kloze new customers


3. Grow existing customers


The end goal of every Sales Improvement Plan is for the organisations own sales leadership team to be able to facilitate all future improvements independently of Klozers.

2 reviews for Sales Performance Improvement

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    “Having done sales for almost 13 years now, I was under the mind set that I knew everything to know and that I was the best I was ever going to be!! Having met and worked with Iain for quite some time, I realised that I actually knew very little (as I was stuck in one single “feature and benefits” mindset) and what I did know, I wasn’t executing it in the best of my ability. I will admit that at first I was a sceptic that it could improve my abilities further, however having tried and tested Iain’s Sales training, I am now unbelievably sure it works, and that I am confident it has given me the ability to better myself, improve my conversion, reduce my sales cycle and further improve my career. I would highly recommend Iain as his teaching methods made it simple to understand and execute.”

    Stuart Hutson, Business Development – PH Media Group

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    “I would gladly recommend Iain & his team to anyone in the sales environment . I had the pleasure of attending one of Klozers sales master classes, after which I found a whole new impetus & drive to take forward on the numerous meetings I have had since . Iain’s wealth of experience in sales tied in with his excellent method of teaching make for a very interesting and insightful experience.”

    Stuart Horseburgh, National Sales Manager – North West Maintenance Services