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Online Sales Training, how much does it cost?- Top Question from Google

How much does online sales training cost?

Here’s the short answer:

Online sales training varies in cost from free for a recorded program, to $2000 per participant, for live training customised to your needs. 

In this article we will cover...

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1. Online Sales Training Courses

Online training became popular during the covid lockdowns of 2020, when sales professionals were no longer able to work from their traditional office, or field based roles. 

Overnight the lockdowns made B2B selling much tougher and employers needed to find online solutions to support their teams.

Whilst the lockdowns have thankfully gone, what has remained are sales teams who now work remotely.  Working remotely is often not just working from home.  More often than not working remotely means working from your home in another region or country.

With increases in flights and hotel charges, bringing remote sales teams together has become very expensive. 

“Companies that move sales training online save 30 to 70 percent on travel costs and lost productivity.” – Brevit Group

This is where online training courses come into their own, and can give your sales professionals and sales managers the support they need to grow and develop.

If you’re wondering whether online sales training is an inferior alternative to traditional In-person training, read on to find out can still be an effective tool in your learning arsenal.

What are the Biggest Challenges in Remote Selling?

What are the Top Skills Gaps in your Sales Team?

2. Online Sales Courses Available via Klozers

As a business we now have the ability to deliver our entire portfolio of training courses for online delivery.  These courses are delivered live online with one of our sales trainers.  Each of our sales courses is modular, which means that you can easily swap modules in and out to build a bespoke sales course that meets your exact needs.

We have 17 sales courses available and 65 modules as shown below:


TRAINING MODULES (90 mins each)

Sales Fundamentals (Level 100)

Building your Sales Pipeline

Questioning Techniques


Handling Techniques

The Art of Klozing

AI for Sales

(Level 200)

Pre-call Intelligence & Strategic Targeting

Data Driven Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Hyper personalised engagement & Relationship Building

Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Differentiation

Consultative Selling Skills (Level 200)

Consultative Selling Intro

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Collaborative Problem Solving

Negotiation, Klozing & Customer Success

Story Telling for Sales

Skills (Level 200)

The Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Sell

Crafting Your Compelling Sales Narrative

Putting Your Stories to Work in the Sales Cycle

Storytelling Mastery: Taking It to the Next Level

Solution Selling (Level 200)

Uncovering Customer Buying Motives

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Mastering the Sales Conversation

Klozing & Building Long Term Partnerships

SaaS Sales Training (SDRs) (Level 200)

Sales Mindset of a Winner

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Outbound Sales Prospecting

Needs Assessment Discovery & Qualifying

SaaS Sales Training (AEs)

(Level 200)

Pre-demo Preparation

Selling Value not Price

SaaS Product Demos


Handling Techniques

LinkedIn Sales Training

(Level 200)

Building your LinkedIn Sales Arsenal

The Art of Persuasive Communication

Mastering the Sales Conversation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Telephone Sales Training (Level 200)

Sales Mindset

of a Winner

Perfecting your Value Proposition

Telephone Sales Skills

Live Calling with Coaching

90 Day Sales Planning

(Level 100, 200 & 300)

Principals of 90 Day Planning

Creating an Effective Action Plan

Communication & Collaboration

Accountability & Motivation

Outbound Lead Generation

(Level 200)

Building a Value Proposition

Cold Email Outreach

LinkedIn Selling Skills

Telephone Sales Skills

Inbound Lead Generation (Day 1 of 2)

(Level 200)

Introduction and Case Study Review

Strategy and Planning

Creating content that converts

Building High Value Assets

Inbound Lead Generation (Day 2 of 2)

(Level 200)

Technical Requirements and Set up

Selling Online

Measurements & Reporting

Action Planning

Key Account Management (Day 1 of 2) (Level 300)

Unlocking the Power of Key Accounts

Understanding the Enterprise Landscape

Building Trusted Relationships


Crafting a Winning Key Account Plan

Key Account Management (Day 2 of 2) (Level 300)

Sales Negotiation and Deal Structuring

Implementing Your Key Account Strategy

Maintaining and Growing Key Accounts

The Future of Key Account Management

Sales Negotiation Training (Level 300)

Foundation of B2B Negotiations

Planning & Preparation

Mastering the Negotiation Dance

Beyond the Deal

Enterprise Sales Training

(Level 300)

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs.

Bespoke Sales Training

(Level 100, 200 & 300)

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

This course content is customised to meet your exact needs

Sales Management & Leadership

(Level 300)

Sales Benchmarking & Improvement Planning

Sales Leadership Styles

Sales Performance & Coaching

Hiring Sales Winners

3. Online Training vs In-Person Sales Training Courses

In-person or face to face delivery of sales training remains highly popular, however, some companies find the costs prohibitive and the disruption to schedules affect productivity. The logistics involved with arranging classroom-based learning can be very costly, not only in terms of your budget, but your time too. 

Online training tends to be delivered in bite sized chunks making it easier for sales reps to consume and less impactful on their diary.  In addition to the challenges of taking time out for traditional face to face training training, some salespeople report struggling after the training to internalise and implement what they have learned.

One or two days away from your desk, usually only serves to create a backlog of work for salespeople to return to and deal with. This creates a tendency to continue “doing what you’ve always done” rather than implementing new sales strategies, new sales skills and new sales techniques.

Technological advancements with products like Microsoft Teams and learning portals have made online sales training much more effective and easier to deliver and consume learning.

Video conferencing, enhanced streaming capabilities and the emergence of powerful and dependable new software have made online sales training much more effective than it was in the past.

It’s now possible to source training from experts around the world, rather than just ones based in your locality. We ourselves are now supporting companies from Melbourne, Australia to San Francisco, California with their sales strategy, business development, selling process, inbound sales methodology and new customer acquisition.

The Klozers team regularly deliver online training to clients with sales professionals in multiple countries and spanning different time zones. 

online sales training

4. Sales Coaching Online

An often overlooked but important part of the learning and development process, is sales coaching.

Training is the transfer of knowledge, whereas coaching is the practical application of the knowledge in the field. Coaching takes what sales reps learn in the classroom, and coaches them through how to implement the new learning and new sales skills in the boardroom.

In addition to being able to provide important context and nuance, a good sales coach will boost the sales professionals morale and confidence.

Sales Coaching can also deliver real value when helping sales managers reps focus on the right behaviours. Learning new skills is worthless unless the skill is then used in the day to day behaviours of the sales representatives.

Many clients now choose a Hybrid delivery model whereby they start a sales training programme with a traditional face to face training workshop, and then follow this up with online sales coaching. 

 “Continuous training results in 50 percent higher net sales per employee.” Brevit Group


Exec Sales Coaching

Our executive sales coaching has grown in popularity and the online format works particularly well for time poor sales managers.

The Exec coaching is bespoke to every Exec, however, previous engagements have helped sales leaders with identifying potential buyers, inbound sales methodology, sales strategy, management skills, understanding the buying process, communication skills for inside sales, identifying customer pain points, emotional intelligence for sales professionals and an ongoing focus to close deals and build a successful sales team.

online sales training

5. Advantages of Online Training Courses

A more flexible way to learn:

Studies show that many of today’s b2b sales teams regard online sales training as more useful than classroom-based learning. Learning helps me grow, adapt and achieve my career goals.” LinkedIn Learning Report.  
When salespeople can learn at their own pace, and at a time that suits them, they are more likely to feel engaged with the content.

In addition, they can even access the material in the comfort of their own homes in many cases. Some salespeople will inevitably learn quicker than others, so each sales rep can learn at their own pace rather than receiving training at the pace of the group which maybe too fast or too slow for them.

Most courses are simply accessed via a course link from your PC or mobile device which makes the learning process much easier for the user.

A Bite Sized Approach to Learning

Many sales people prefer the bite size approach our online learning offers. With this approach, they can take in 90 minute segments of content at a time and avoid being overloaded with information.

We typically deliver our courses which contain 4 modules at a rate of 1 module per week.  This allows participants to take in, absorb and most importantly go away and practice the new sales skills and sales strategies in between sessions. 

Nonetheless, online sales programs shouldn’t replace face to face learning completely.  Classroom-based training still offers certain benefits for your businesses, and we believe you should take advantage of both learning methods.

Keeping Your Team Productive

In-person or face to face sales training remains relevant, but it can harm also harm productivity. The logistics attached to arranging classroom-based learning can be very costly, not only in terms of your budget, but your time too.

Online training tends to be delivered in bite sized chunks making it easier for salespeople to consume.
In addition to the challenges of taking time out for traditional event based training, many salespeople report struggling after the training.

One or two days away from your desk usually only serves to create a backlog of work for the sales manager and reps to return to and deal with. Technological advancements with products like Microsoft Teams and learning portals have made online sales training much more effective and easier to deliver and consume.

Course Structure

Whilst traditional in person sales training has been delivered via one or two day sales courses this model does not lend itself to online delivery.

The format simply doesn’t work well with online learning, as asking sales professionals to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day is more likely to put them off learning than encourage them. Our web based sales training is structured very differently around shorter 90 minute sessions with breaks to avoid “Zoom fatigue”.

We have found that sessions lasting 2 hours are simply too long for most people, and our own online sessions are typically no longer than 90 minutes long. In addition, they are deliberately interactive in order to grab and hold the attention of participants. Rather than a one way monolog PowerPoint, every session includes interactive elements to engage participants and create a positive learning environment.

Each session in our web based sales training would normally contain some form of initial introduction and discussion on the topic, a piece of work based activity for the participants to complete, and a review conversation to capture lessons learned at the end.

Finding Specific or Bespoke Content:

Another key benefit of virtual training courses are that it’s now simpler to source the specific type of training you need.  If you require a sales course that’s specific to your industry or a problem that you’re facing, it’s easier than ever to locate people that can provide it.

Salespeople can receive their targeted sales skills training individually if they wish, or via a wider group in the sales team if Peer learning is part of the learning strategy.

Content is less likely to go off-topic when it is delivered online. They can also choose to learn at a time that suits them which helps keep the learning relevant to their needs.

Continuous Learning

We provide many advanced level online training courses for more experienced salespeople, looking to up-skill or refresh their skills, improve their techniques or go on to more leadership oriented subject matter.

A sales training course specifically for groups can also make teams more connected, help strengthen their relationships, increase collaboration, boost sales performance and provide a focus that reinforces the companies ongoing learning and development strategy.

Online training can be better suited for companies seeking continuous learning, whereas many face to face sales courses may see trainers only visit your company once or twice, per annum.

90 day sales plan free template

6. Self-Paced Sales Training Courses

We provide a limited number of Self-paced training courses online, however, we have found that instructor led training, which is delivered live is the optimum approach when engaging sales people and creating a productive learning environment.

Simply put, without engagement there will be no improvement in either sales skills or sales behaviours and any increase in sales performance from the sales team will be negligible.

Live, Instructor led training is much better at capturing and holding the attention of any sales team. In our experience, sales people are extremely busy, and when you are relying on them to find time in their day to complete self paced training it rarely happens.

Every company, every sales team has a specific nuance, a different context in terms of their approach and understanding of Selling skills, changes to sales process, sales performance, sales management and sales results. This can never be catered for in self paced learning. Participants need the ability to question, clarify and even challenge the sales trainer which is only available with instructor led training.

7. Post Training Support

Investing in your sales team is about more than just acquiring skills; it’s about cultivating a culture of continuous improvement, where knowledge drives performance and results.

Our ongoing sales training program transcends the traditional classroom model, providing a robust framework for sustained success:

  • Post-Training Coaching: We don’t stop at imparting knowledge. Our immersive 90-day sales coaching program empowers your team to internalize and master new sales techniques, ensuring practical efficacy and optimal ROI.

  • Peer-to-Peer Mastery Network: Foster cross-pollination of expertise and best practices internally through facilitated peer-to-peer coaching sessions. This collaborative environment fosters confidence, refines skillsets, and provides invaluable constructive feedback.

  • Evergreen Learning Ecosystem: We cultivate a culture of continuous learning and knowledge retention. Ongoing access to training materials, online resources, and refresher sessions keeps your team at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

  • Victory Celebrations: Recognize and celebrate individual and team achievements, fostering a sense of purpose, reinforcing the value of continuous improvement, and fueling the fire of ambition within your sales force.

Remember, your sales team is the engine driving your success. By investing in their growth, you invest in your own.

Our complimentary consultations are your gateway to crafting a bespoke training program tailored to your unique needs and objectives. Ask any questions, discuss your vision, and let our experts build a roadmap to unleash the full potential of your sales force.

Transform your team from proficient to peak performers. Contact us today and ignite your sales engine!

8. In Conclusion

In today’s cutthroat B2B landscape, crushing your sales objectives demands more than just hustle. It requires a razor-sharp team equipped with mastery of the sales fundamentals, honed leadership skills, and the agility to adapt to ever-evolving customer needs. This is where Klozers online sales training emerges as your best choice.


  • Reps confidently navigating your entire sales process, from prospecting and qualification, inbound sales conversion, to objection handling, closing deals and improved customer relationships.
  • Leaders & Managers inspiring and motivating their teams, fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.
  • Every interaction infused with customer-centricity, building lasting relationships and repeat business.

The benefits extend far beyond your bottom line. Invest in your team’s growth with online training, and watch as their confidence soars, and their job satisfaction increases. Don’t let outdated training methods hold you back. Take the first step towards unlocking your sales potential today.

Explore our comprehensive course library, featuring everything from sales basics to inbound advanced leadership training. Download our free resources, or contact our expert team to craft a personalized training program that perfectly aligns with your unique goals.

Remember, in the competitive world of B2B sales, the only constant is change. Embrace the power of online training and equip your team with the agility and expertise to thrive in any market.

Key features we provide that will power your success:

  • Flexible, virtual learning: Train at your own pace, even for field sales teams on the go.
  • Ongoing Review: Comprehensive assessments, track progress, manage teams, and ensure everyone’s on track.
  • Live, Instructor led training: Master skills and build confidence with ongoing support.
  • Diverse skill levels: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses cater to every member of your team.

The future of your sales success starts now. Invest in your team, invest in online training.hips

“A fantastic learning experience”

Amanda – Account Manager

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