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DISC is a simple but highly effective communication model that helps salespeople understand the best way to communicate with both prospects and customers.

In addition DISC is a great tool to identify areas of personal development that can improve the communication and performance of salespeople.   

The actual origins of DISC go as far back as Ancient Greece where Philosopher Empodocles first identified the fours main styles of a persons personality liking them to the Fire, Earth, Air and Water.  

From Empodocles original thinking in 444BC the four quadrant model has continually been developed and refined most notably by the physician Hippocrates in 3BC, to Karl Jung in 1921 and finally William Clarke in 1940 who developed the first DISC test.

disc tests online

Every human being regardless of race, colour or creed has a preferred style of behaviours that they exhibit.  Specifically every Human Being has a preferred style of behaviours that fall into one of four categories D – I – S or C.  

We are sometimes accused of labelling people or putting them into boxes when we do this but please do not be offended.  This is no different to recognising that some people are left handed or that some people have blue eyes, or others have red hair.  There is no right or wrong and neither is there a better or best DISC style.  Each of the four quadrants has strengths and weaknesses and this just recognises that none of us are perfect.

Disc tests online

The cost of a bad hire in sales can be very expensive.  In addition to wages and expenses companies with a high turn over of staff experience a reduction in their brand value and can lose market share to competitors. 

Many companies have found DISC to be an invaluable part of their recruitment process.  In recruitment DISC assessments are primarily used in three different ways:

1. Pre-screening of candidates.  

Many of our clients use DISC as part of the final screening process to evaluate the short listed candidates.  

2. Interview Process.

DISC can help interview panels develop targeted questions around areas they believe may make the candidate a good fit for any role. 

3. Onboard & Ongoing Training

It’s essential for any new employee to get off to a good start and DISC helps them identify their personal strengths and weaknesses so they can improve where necessary.  The assessments also show salespeople and other employees where and how they fit in the wider team. 

Your personal DISC report is emailed within 15 minutes of completion of your test.

For companies booking multiple tests we can arrange:

1. Additional copies mailed to HR for record keeping.

2. Reports retained by Klozers until delivered as part of In-Person training workshops. 

Your DISC reports include 18 pages of simple and practical advice on how to get the most from DISC in your every day sales life and your home life.

Our DISC workshops bring together teams who need a deeper understanding of how to maximise their sales using DISC.

Our DISC Sales Training workshops can be run either In-Person at your company premises or online via our training portal.


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