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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t listed you can reach us via the Contact Us page or call us now on +44 (0)131 261 8161


Will you cover the training topics important to us?

Your trainer will ask you what topics are important to you and if they are not included on the agenda our commitment to you is to spend as much time as required after class to help answer any further questions you have.


What industries do you serve?

Our sales consulting, training and coaching is specific to Business to Business (B2B) selling, not to any particular vertical market. We do however have lots of experience in Information Technology, Software, Financial Services, Business Services, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, Digital Media & Telecoms.


What level of sales experience do you cover?

We are currently training and mentoring University Graduates who are new to selling, and coaching a sales veteran with 27 years experience, all we ask is for everyone to keep any open mind.


Do you provide coaching for other selling systems?

Yes. If you have already trained your people our coaching works with any of the major selling systems such as Miller Heiman, Richardson, SPIN or Solution Selling. If you do not have a selling system or methodology we can give you access to our own selling system.


How do we keep our client information confidential?

Please forward any Non-Disclosure Agreement which we are more than happy to sign. In addition when discussing any sales opportunities either in an open Q & A or an individual 121 we ask you to please refer to every prospect as Charlie @ ABC Industries. Please do NOT tell us your client’s details.


What format do the materials come in?

All the training modules come in printed format, however .PDF files are available on request. Training sessions are also supported with video and audio content to accommodate different learning styles.


Do you provide more bespoke services for larger organizations?

Yes and as examples we can create and run internal Sales Academies, Sales Conferences, Sales Talent Management & Business Transformation Programs. Feel free to email us via the Contact Us page if you have any questions.

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