Glasgow Sales Training Courses
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Glasgow Sales Training Courses

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Glasgow Sales Training Courses

Klozers Glasgow Sales Training Courses

Directions | Glasgow Sales Training Courses

In Glasgow we use the training facilities of our partner Strathclyde University Business School located at 199 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G4 0QU which is a 9  minute walk from Glasgow Queen Street Train Station (GLQ).

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Glasgow Sales Training Courses

Things to do | Glasgow Sales Training Courses

If you are visiting Glasgow to attend one of our sales training courses there is lots to do if you have any free time.  We have listed our personal favourites however if you are looking for something specific please feel free to email or call us and we can help you with things to do and hotels to make sure your stay is truly enjoyable.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum – housing one of Europe’s great art collections this is one of the most visited museums outside London.

Emirates Arena – this 17th century underground network is the home to ghosts, ghouls and guided tours that you won’t forget.

House for an Art Lover – designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh this inspires and stimulates visitors of all ages.

Loch Lomond – if you can spare the time take a day trip to Balloch and experience breathtaking scenery combined with amazing leisure experiences.

Maps | Glasgow Sales Training Courses

Studies continue to demonstrate that people forget up to 80% of training content delivered at 1 and 2 day event based training within 1 month

Compare Traditional Classroom Training with Modern Online Learning

Traditional Classroom Training

Immediate, Actionable and Practical Steps
Interaction with Trainer
Interaction with Classmates
Easy to Follow Workbooks & Videos
Train & Coach Geographically Dispersed Teams
No Access to Training From the Field
No Access to Trainer After the Event
No Coaching After the Event
No Ongoing Reinforcement
No 121 Follow Up Coaching
Expensive Hotel/Accommodation Costs
Expensive Travel Costs
Venue Hire Costs
Time Out the Field Away From Customers

Online Sales Training & Coaching

Train & Coach Geographically Dispersed Teams
100% Online for Access Anywhere & Anytime
12 Months Unrestricted Access
12 Months Group Coaching Online
12 Months Ongoing Reinforcement
Immediate, actionable and Practical Steps
Interaction with Trainer Online
121 Follow Up Coaching
Interaction with Classmates Online
Easy to Follow Workbooks & Videos
No Hotel/Accommodation Costs
No Expensive Travel Costs
No Venue Hire Costs
No Time Out the Field Away From Customers

Online Sales Training with Ongoing Reinforcement Coaching delivers ongoing, incremental and measurable sales improvements

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Glasgow Sales Training Courses

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Glasgow Sales Training Courses

Travel Costs
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from clients


Glasgow Sales Training Courses

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