Klozers Klozers Fact Sheet

Klozers Fact Sheet

Sales Strategy, Sales Tactics and Sales Leadership     #KlozeMoreSales

Klozers Klozers Fact Sheet

Who we are:

Klozers is a team of experienced sales consultants (John Anderson, Simon Fielding-Turton, Brian Millhouse, James Henderson and Iain Swanston) who previously worked with a variety of companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, Tesco, IBM, Grant Thornton and Sandler. We now use the strategies and skills we have gained from working with corporates to help scale SME’s.

What we do:

We specialize in helping businesses accelerate sales growth and have a track record of delivering significant, sustained improvements in our customers professional sales capabilities. Simon is a proven business leader and professional with an outstanding record of developing and growing organisations. Successful in delivering a range of products and services to ensure that both company and client goals and/or targets are exceeded. In addition Simon is an experienced speaker and communicator with the ability to motivate and enthuse both internal and external teams. Demonstrably adept at developing long standing relationship with all levels of individual, principally CXX level.

Experience and expertise has been built working with large Enterprises such as IBM, Microsoft and Accenture; and where Simon adds value is in the growth and development of companies with associated strategic and tactical planning.

By first considering all the sales enablers and sales obstacles our clients have we deliver breakthrough results via our consultants who are all successful practitioners in their own right. Through our broad expertise in making sales happen we help equip people and the business with everything required to deliver higher sustainable revenues. We have a broad portfolio of solutions predicated on our accurate diagnosis of the challenges faced by SME’s.

Who we work with:

We typically work with three types of businesses as follows:

A business that is already growing and successful but needs to put in place the necessary sales structure, sales process and sales leadership to continue to scale.

A SME business that has grown organically, but then sales revenues have stalled as they struggle to break through the typical growth barriers of 20 employees and then again at 50 employees.

Larger corporations where the Sales Leadership team either need additional bandwidth and or require external help to facilitate Sales Improvement Programmes.