Lead Generation for B2B Sales Companies

Lead Generation for B2B Sales Companies

Consistent and effect lead generation is the number one business pain for the majority of organisations. B2B sales and buying is constantly changing since the advent of the internet, social selling, and more recently remote selling which arose via the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

Before the lockdowns buyers were increasingly only contacting sales towards the end of the buyer journey where many had already chosen their preferred buyer and were simply going through the due diligence of a formal buying process.

The lockdown forced buyers to work from home where they weren’t necessarily connected to the company phone system and certainly weren’t taking visits from sales reps.

In desperation many sales people jumped onto LinkedIn and what was previously a highly effective platform became crowded and spammy.

Our B2B Sales Consultancy services have developed a done for you solution where we can generate pre-qualified leads for you.

This is the exact process we have used to grow Klozers and we can share this with you.

Lead Generation for B2B Sales
Lead Generation for B2B Sales

You can book a free exploratory call to help us both understand if the Lead Generation Strategies we use will work for your business.

During the 30 minute call our goal is to simply get a better understanding of your business, your products and services, your industry and your competitors. Once we know this we will do some research and present back our findings to you at a later date, which we can agree on the call.

There is nothing for sale on this call, we are simply undertaking the discovery phase so we and you can work out if we can help you or not.

Let us do the Hard Work for you

Not opening enough new accounts
No consistency in your Lead Generation
Salespeople demotivated by prospecting
Too many poor quality leads
No time for sales prospecting
Lower your cost of customer acquisition
Get more qualified sales leads
Spend more time with qualified prospects
Sell your way into profitability
Build a predictable sales pipeline