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Sales Enablement Templates

Sales Management Tools & Templates

If you need help with customisation or implementation just ask

Sales Audit Part 1

Use the first stage of this audit to benchmark and evaluate the core skills of your sales team.

Sales Audit Part 2

Use this stage of the audit to benchmark and evaluate the core areas within your sales function.

Sales Audit Part 3

The last stage of this audit benchmarks and evaluates areas outside sales which have an impact.

Change Management

Any form of sales intervention means change which means you need to understand change management.

Envision Planning

This is a great exercise to empower and motivate your team.  It also helps identify areas for improvement in the sales function.

People Exercise

This workshop helps sales people understand DiSC and how they need to adapt their sales approach.

Coaching Worksheet

This template provides a structure and a proven framework to your sales coaching.

Sales Scorecard

This is a simple example of a Sales Scorecard.  Use the template as a starting point to develop your own.

Coaching Wrap Up

Use these questions to finalise your coaching sessions with your sales people.

Training Evaluation

Collect feedback after every training session  using this form.

Customer Journey

Evaluate your customers journey and look for improvements in conversion ratios.

Campaign Funnel

An example of an end to end sales campaign funnel.  Use the template to create your own.

Change Management

Our go-to model for Change Management and simply a must have for any sales leaders.

Business Case Template

If you’re selling to corporates then you’ll need to be able to write business cases.  Here’s a template to get started.

Sales Tender Qualification Checklist

Sales Tender Qualification

Objectively qualify your tender responses to improve your win rates.

Sales Tools & Templates

If you need help with customisation or implementation just ask

486x60 Winner Sales Coaching

Key Accounts

Document and plan your key account strategy with this comprehensive template.

Stalls & Objections

This template helps sales people prepare for the hardest stalls and objections.

Sales Call Tracker

 This tracker highlights where in the call people are struggling so you can coach them accordingly.

Profile Builder

Profile your best customers and then use the information to target more of the same.

Prospect Value

Understand your core value to build highly targeted sales messaging.

Sales Questioning

This tool helps you build powerful questions to uncover your prospects real pain.

Prospect Pains

Know your prospects pains and goals so you they will buy versus you having to sell.

Sales Battlecards

Battlecards are great for identifying your strengths and weaknesses versus your competitors.

Sales Negotiation

Prepare in advance for the boardroom so you get what you want with this simple template.

Case Study Template

Use examples of previous sales wins to generate more with this one page template.

Preparing to Sell

Superb check list for new hires ( and maybe old ones) before they get in front of real prospects.

Consultative Selling

Use this tool to reinforce your consultative selling process – slow the sales down if you want to speed things up.

Time Management

Help sales people become super productive and track where they lose time during the day.

Sales Meeting Notes Record

Meeting Notes

This template to reminds you what questions to ask and take accurate notes on the answers given.

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486x60 Winner Sales Coaching

If you need help with customisation or implementation just ask