How to Nail Online Sales Presentations

Learn the secret to Converting more presentations & demos to orders

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Lockdown has changed sales forever.

Have you changed your sales approach to match?

Due to the economy there are fewer deals and opportunities available, but we can maintain our revenues and even grow them if we improve our sales closing ratios.

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Imagine delivering sales presentations to people who were motivated to buy?

Imagine knowing in advance that your presentations will kloze more deals?

Have you sat through an hour long presentation delivered via Microsoft Teams or Zoom?  It’s boring, disengaging and uninspiring, so don’t put your prospects through this. 

Are you now struggling to do genuine discovery calls that get answers to your pre-sales questions before you deliver your presentations? 

With Lockdown there are fewer sales deals up for grabs than before, so we need to maximise every single opportunity in our sales pipelines.

Reboot your online selling process and make your sales presentations and product demos stand out from the crowd. 
Traditional Sales is gone and a new Sales World is here. 

Sales has just got much harder and never more so than the art of delivering klozing presentations to prospects online.
With face to face selling no longer allowed and businesses facing a recession this course will help you deliver killer presentations using Microsoft Teams. 

Please note: This is training is not a “How to use MS Teams/Zoom” or a “Top Sales Presentations Tips”.  This session is aimed at users who are already familiar with the technology and want to kloze more deals.

What you will discover:

Where presentations should fit in your sales process – it’s not where you think

How to position yourself as an expert and make selling easier

How to qualify every presentation before doing it so you aren’t wasting time with people who will never buy

How to choose what information goes into the presentation and what to leave out

How to stop wasting time on presentations for people who never buy

What you will learn:

The best way to develop your sales mindset for online presenting

The best way to prepare for each presentation without spending hours and hours

The exact words to use to set up your presentation for success

The best questions to use at each stage of your sales process to set up your presentation

The best words to kloze every presentation and keep the sale moving forward.

Online sales presentation training
Iain Swanston Klozers
Iain Swanston – Founder Klozers

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