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This Tool Helps CEO's
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Again this tool is just another piece in the CEO's Roadmap for Sales Success

Sales Enablement Roadmap

The CEO's Sales Roadmap

Focus your people on Finding, Klozing and Growing opportunities & you are guaranteed to sell more

CEO's Blueprint for Sales Success

Implement a proven end to end system that takes your business from good to great

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Our clients experience of Klozers Sales Enablement

Klozers is both an inspiration to new sellers and the Sat Nav that experienced pro's need to make the positive adjustments necessary to take them to the next level. Having personally experienced the benefits of Klozers I would have no hesitation in recommending them.
Alan Wood
Business Manager - Microsoft
All the sales 'Training' I have had up to Klozers has been just that - 'Training'. What Klozers offer is transferable from class-room to board-room, is to develop an understanding of the business I work in and apply proven techniques that will work.
90 Day Sales Challenge - Nik Hood
Nik Hood
National Key Accounts Manager -
TechnoNicoll Group
Klozers helped our business achieve great results. The due care and attention to focus not only on the sales process and execution, but to also consider and hence incorporate business and marketing strategy into the wider planning, helped us to realise our potential as a team and as a business.
Richard Matthews
COO - Lettingweb

The Proven End to End System & Process to Optimise Your Sales

Remove the struggle & frustration of sales NOW!

  • The only end to end sales system
  • Faciliated by industry experts
  • Easy to follow step by step system
  • Proven frameworks and tools
  • We do all the work for you
  • Move from busy to effective
  • Common sales language & methodology
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Hi my name is Iain Swanston and I’m one of the Founding Partners here at Klozers.  We work with ambitious Chief Execs of Mid Market companies to implement a proven end to end Sales Enablement solution in 90 days.  We help them grow and dominate their market and remove all the frustration, anxiety and missed sales targets that most Execs have to put up with.