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Help us Reduce Graduate Unemployment

Free Sales & Marketing Training for Graduates

Our Cause

Youth Unemployment in Scotland was reported at 20.6% which is neither good for the economy of Scotland, nor the social impact this has on wider society.  There is no doubt that the economic climate since 2008 has not helped these numbers, combine this with Graduates leaving University and being forced to take non Graduate jobs, further impacts high unemployment amongst the younger generation.


Being unemployed must be difficult for anyone, however for a 16 – 24 year old, to start adult life with no job, must be especially disheartening. 

Please help us, help the next generation of Sales & Marketing Professionals.

The Solution

There are circa 300,000 businesses in Scotland, albeit if we exclude the single person/small operations who have no desire to grow or employ more people, there are still 100,000 businesses in Scotland who could potentially employ simply one more young person.  #GradJobs is a National campaign to encourage every business in Scotland to either hire their first graduate, or hire additional graduates.   To encourage every company to get on board we will provide FREE of charge, Sales & Marketing training for every additional Graduate they hire who has been unemployment at any stage in the previous three months.


Scotland has a proud history of inventing, however when it comes to sales we are behind the curve compared to most countries, and we want Scottish businesses to sell more, which means they will employ more people, which in turn will help our country grow and prosper.

Join Our Cause

Please help us reduce Graduate Unemployment and Graduate Under Employment and join our cause #GradJobs.


Klozers together with our delivery Partners, Genoa Black the Strategic Marketing experts and fatBuzz the Digital Marketing Specialists have created a powerful 12 month Sales & Marketing programme, that will Educate and Motivate your Graduates – Guaranteed.


Please use the form below to reserve your space now. However if you require further information or have any questions, please feel free to  contact us via


Looking for a Graduate to deliver a business project?  We have also partnered with Scottish Enterprise and their ScotGrad programme which is aimed at connecting Graduates with Companies to help them achieve their growth ambitions.  Graduates are tasked with completing a measurable and well defined project with 3 – 12 months.

Special thanks to the Royal Bank for Scotland, for

making their facilities available to the Academy.


Official Launch & First Intake

0900 – 26th January 2017

Second Intake – 27th April 2017

Third Intake – 27th July 2017 TBC

Fourth Intake – 26th October 2017 TBC



Royal Bank of Scotland

5th Floor, Kirkstane House

139 St Vincent Street

Glasgow G2 5JF



0900 – 1000 Official Launch & Welcome

By Invitation only Special guests, employers and Graduates.

1000 – 1700 Graduate Training

Sorry this programme is now full.  You can however register for the next intake on Thursday 27th April 2017


Thank you to these Employers who have hired and are supporting Graduates

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Please note, we can only accept applications from Company Directors in order that they can confirm their companies eligibility for the programme


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Graduate Employers

Our Delivery Partners

Genoa Black

Join us

Klozers are delighted to announce their commitment to the Scottish Pledge which is a values-led partnership between the Scottish government and business. It is a shared ambition of boosting productivity, competitiveness, sustainable employment, and workforce engagement and development.

It is built on:

  • a commitment from the Scottish Government, and its partners to support sustainable business growth in Scotland
  • a voluntary code of business practice which you can use to guide and boost the future development of your company
  • a mutual pledge to ensure that prosperity, innovation, fairness and opportunity develop hand in hand in Scotland

Please consider making the Pledge for your business via The Scottish Business Pledge.

Scottish Business Pledge

Our Sales & Marketing Academy includes 12 months training in Professional Sales & Marketing Skills from recognised industry experts. We use the latest Work Based Learning techniques, which allow you to apply the strategies and tactics learned in class in your own work place.



Learn from experienced sales & marketing professionals who support you and help you reach your goals.



After your 12 months training you will receive ongoing coaching via our online learning portal and a regular webinars.



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