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Working With Your Team to Make Sales Happen 

Our Sales Consultants Don’t Just Leave a To Do List

Sales Consulting


An overview of Klozers Sales Consulting Services from our Senior Partner, Brian Millhouse.

Sales Consulting – the GAP

Through our broad expertise in making sales happen, we help equip your people and your business with everything required to deliver higher, sustainable revenues. We identify the GAP between where sales are and where they need to be. Identify what is working and what is not, and any other key sales concerns from all the stakeholders. Finally we confirm the need, desire for sales improvement.

Sales Consulting – Solution

Informed by the GAP findings, work together to design a bespoke sales improvement program.

We have a broad portfolio of sales consulting offerings, predicated on up front diagnosis of the challenges being faced. This may include developing items such as a new vision, goals, strategy, processes, practices, tools, measures or specific sales action plans.

Sales Consulting – Execution

Execute the sales improvement program together using a proven Sales Change Management process.   Refine as appropriate.  Build momentum, communicate quick wins and consolidate sales improvements.

We make sales happen.

Sales Consulting Insights

We help clients create compelling Value Propositions that provide the all important differentiator to avoid competing on price.


Competitive Advantage

Using the latest best practice in Sales 2.0 we fill the top of your sales funnel with qualified leads.


Demand Generation

We create repeatable and scaleable sales processes and frameworks for sustained success.



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