Sales Graduate Training

Sales Graduate Training

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Klozers Embarks on Mission to Empower University Graduates Through FREE Education, Aiming to Enable 100,000 Graduates to Build a Career in Sales.

[Edinburgh, United Kingdom – 05/09/2023

Klozers, a leader in B2B sales education, is proud to announce a groundbreaking mission dedicated to fostering the next Generation of Sales Professionals. Our mission is clear: to equip the next generation of sales professionals with the essential skills they need to excel in the modern sales landscape. We are committed to providing top-notch sales training to 100,000 graduates, completely free of charge, because we firmly believe that education should never be a barrier to success.

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Why We're Committed

  1. 1 in 8 Jobs are in Sales roles:Β  Sales is one of the largest sectors within employment, and the communication skills required for selling in the modern world, are equally important in other roles, outside of sales.

  2. Graduates need Help: Finding and retaining employment is arguably more difficult then ever.Β  In addition, many Graduates are leaving University burdened with debt, and getting the first step on the wage ladder is hugely important.

  3. Empowering the Workforce: At Klozers, we understand that educated, skilled graduates are the lifeblood of successful businesses. By imparting knowledge and expertise to navigate the sales landscape, we empower the workforce and contribute to the growth and prosperity of enterprises, both large and small.

  4. Bridging the Skills Gap: In the rapidly evolving world of modern sales, staying relevant is paramount. We offer comprehensive modules covering vital topics such as Building your Sales Pipeline, Mastering Questioning Techniques, Overcoming Objections, and The Art of Closing, ensuring that graduates are equipped to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

  5. Long-Term Careers: Our commitment to free education goes beyond the numbers; it’s about nurturingΒ  graduates and supporting their skills development. By investing in the early stage growth of graduates, we can help them understand the benefits of a career in sales.Β Β 

  6. Driving Economic Prosperity: Empowered graduates lead to thriving businesses, vibrant industries, and prosperous economies. Through our mission, we actively contribute to the economic prosperity of the business community and society at large.Β  This is our way of giving back.

How You Can Join Us

We invite the business community to unite with us on this transformative journey. Partner with Klozers, and together, let’s pave the way for 100,000 graduates to unleash their true potential in sales.Β 

Your support is not just an investment in the future of your company; it’s an investment in the future of a generation, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.

Join us as we build a community of skilled, confident, and accomplished sales professionals, driving the business world forward.

Partner with Klozers and become a catalyst for change and good – empowering 100,000 graduates to thrive in sales, absolutely FREE.

Check out all the free courses here:Β Online Courses – Klozers

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Iain Swanston – sales @

About Klozers:

Klozers is a leading provider of B2B sales education, dedicated to empowering the next generation of sales professionals with the skills and knowledge the need to excel in the modern sales landscape. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to success by providing the modern sales training to 100,000 graduates, free of charge, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of the business community.Β 

“A fantastic learning experience”

Amanda – Account Manager

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Author Bio

Iain Swanston has spent over 30 years in B2B sales selling, training and leading teams both domestically and internationally.Β  In addition he serves as an Associate at Strathclyde University Business School where he has delivered the sales content for the Masters in Entrepreneurship since 2015.

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