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Why do you need a sales coach?

Be the Best

You’re already at the top of your game but know the secret behind your success if that you never stop learning.

Long Hours

You’re tired of working long hours and not getting results that reflect all your hard work.


You’re falling out of love with sales because it’s so hard in the current economy and you need some fresh ideas.

“Iain is an outstanding sales trainer and coach. He has played a crucial role in helping us develop a
thoroughly professional and industry leading sales and customer service team.
Having worked with us for two years, he has become our trusted advisor on all matters related to our sales strategy.
His passion for what he does is infectious and I would highly recommend having a conversation
with Iain to see if he could help your company’s sales performance.”

Steve Tigar, CEO Money Dashboard

“Having worked with Iain for about 6 months now I feel qualified to describe his fresh & committed approach and his enthusiastic, challenging, direct & honest (yet diplomatic!) way of interacting with those he works with. Iain has a genuine desire for those he is training and mentoring to succeed and exceed their own expectations of what is possible and always leads by example.”

Alexandra Stewart, Tesco Bank

Lead Sales Coach

How to sell your app to big companies

Iain Swanston

Founder, Klozers

After 35 years in B2B sales Iain just loves solving sales problems.
If you’ve ever attended one of his live events you’ll know, even during the breaks and after the event he always likes talking about sales. Iain is an Author, Speaker & our Lead Sales Coach.
Iain is on a mission to make sales easier for B2B companies and their salespeople.

How does the Sales Gym Work?

Studies show that companies who offer training alone experience a 22.4% increase in productivity, but when combined with coaching that figure rises to 88%.

B2B Sales Webinars


The Sales Gym is an online coaching portal built inside Microsoft Teams. There are live sessions the first three Tuesdays of every month between 0800 & 0900 UK Time and 0800 & 0900 US Central Time.

The Sales Gym covers the three high value areas of sales, namely:

* Finding new sales opportunities
* Klozing new sales opportunities
* Growing existing accounts

We demystify sales to make it easier to understand by providing practical and actionable strategies that you can takeaway and implement straight after class.

It’s not possible to coach people who don’t want to be coached so you are free to cancel your monthly contract at any time.


TITLE: Sales Gym

DATE: First three Tuesdays of every month

TIME: Europe – 0800 UK |0900 European Time
North America – 0800 Central Time

DURATION: 60 Minutes

The Sales Gym is hosted inside Microsoft Teams and provides 24/7 access to the content, and sales coaches.


We provide FREE access to ALL our sales training courses – Consultative Selling Skills, Telesales Training, Key Account Management, Online Sales Presentation Training & How to Sell to Big Companies.

Try it now & get your
first session FREE

sales gym

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How much does the Sales Gym cost?

The Sales Gym costs $575.00 per person per month, plus any relevant taxes in your country. That’s less than $150 a week for your own personal coach.

How long do I need to attend the Sales Gym before I get results?

Our clients are really smart and they can work out in the first couple of weeks if the material and approach we use makes sense and will work. Real results take hard work – there are no quick fixes, but we have had someone learn a new skill in the morning and apply it after lunch and close the deal immediately.

How long do I need to join the Sales Gym for?

We have monthly contracts where you can leave at any time or annual contracts for those who want a long term professional development solution.

Can I get a discount on the monthly fees?

Yes, we offer 2 months free on our 12 month plans which means you will save $1150.00

Is the coaching live or prerecorded?

There are three live sessions every month and the coaches are available in between sessions via chat. This way you don’t have to wait till the next live session to talk to your coach. That said, there is also recorded content available so people can learn at their own pace.

We have a mixture of new and experienced reps will this still work?

Yes, our content is unique and as long as participants aren’t looking for a magic wand solution this will work.