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Are your B2B Sales delivering
eagles, birdies or bogeys?

Discover your Sales Handicap!

Sales Handicap

Klozers Sales Handicap

Complete the B2B Assessment below and see how your sales game measures up

How the B2B Sales Assessment Works

1. We use a 32 point Sales Handicap system to quickly deliver a rating for your sales unit that you can use to drive your new sales strategy.  

2. The questions are simple and there are only three potential answers for each question.  This should take no longer than 15 minutes.

3. Split into 4 quadrants the Sales Handicap tool will enable you to determine whether your team are a low, medium or high handicapper against “best in class” sales capabilities !

4. Your answers are scored 0 points for the answer most aligned with sales best practice, 0.5 points if you are nearly aligned with best practice and 1 point if you are not currently following best practice.

5. You will quickly identify the areas that need most attention ie are you:

     a) Weak in terms of long term strategy

     b) Poor with your sales culture

     c) Your decision making needs attention

     d) Your short term sales tactics need improving

5.  Depending on your organisation certain best practices are going to be more relevant than others.  Look through the different areas and prioritise the areas that will have the most impact in your business.

Please note this assessment is currently under development and we welcome any feedback you can provide.

Any questions or if you would like to discuss a 1 day confidential work shop with your team please email us on sales @

Developed in partnership with MSH Partners.