Sales & Marketing Graduates Deliver Real Value

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Klozers Sales Academy Sales & Marketing Graduates Deliver Real Value

Sales & Marketing Graduates Deliver Real Value


On the 26th January 2017 Klozers, in partnership with Genoa Black and fatBuzz, launched their new Sales & Marketing Academy to help reduce Graduate unemployment in Scotland. With the support of Scottish Enterprise and the Royal Bank of Scotland the first cohort of 25 Sales & Marketing graduates started the 12 month programme, which is free to any Employer who recruits an unemployed Graduate.

As a 30 year plus sales veteran I am constantly surprised at the quality of young Graduates, with their fresh thinking and different perspectives that they bring to every business. This is probably more relevant in Sales & Marketing than any other business area, as their energy and fearlessness to try anything and everything delivers a fresh impetus. In Sales results count for everything, and many people assume Sales & Marketing Graduates are too young, too immature and lack the commercial awareness to deliver anything meaningful in terms of results. Thankfully this could not be farther from the truth, as a recent conversation with one of our clients proved. A Sales Director for a technology company in Edinburgh reported that his latest Graduate, after 12 months of training and coaching, was now delivering a 2:1 sales closing ratio, versus her older colleagues who struggle to deliver a 7:1 closing ratio. Not every Graduate will be able to deliver results like those however, after less than two months from inception of the Academy there are lots of good news stories on the impact the first cohort of Graduates are having in their respective businesses.

The Sales & Marketing Academy has a new intake every quarter with the next cohort due to start on April 27th. If your business is looking to grow and expand please consider hiring an unemployed Graduate and give them and your business a fresh start. Our partners at Scottish Enterprise will be happy to help your business find suitable Graduates via their free Graduate placement service at ScotGrad.


For further details on the programme and details on how Employers can apply for a free place for Sales & Marketing Graduates please visit Klozers Sales  Academy.