3 Sales Lessons From the Gym

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Klozers Featured 3 Sales Lessons From the Gym

3 Sales Lessons From the Gym

Your local gym or health club may not be the most obvious place for Sales Lessons but there are usually lots of people in these places, which makes it a great place to learn about human behavior.  Every great business has great people behind it, so the more we can understand what drives and motivates these people, the more we can use these strategies and techniques to drive performance in the workplace.  If you’ve been down your local gym recently you’ll recognize this straight away and if you haven’t, then it’s well worth going there to check these sales lessons out.

1)      Good sales people want to be Great sales people.

Most of our clients for sales training are already good sales people, they just want to get better.  This is what made them great and what drives them to continually improve.  Gyms are mostly full of fit people and whilst this might be what you would expect, should Gyms not be full of overweight people who need to lose weight? Sales people who regularly miss targets and need to improve are the least likely to want any form of sales training or sales coaching.

2)      There is no quick fix.

Top performers and professionals understand they need to train to get fit, but they also understand that in order to stay fit they have to train continuously.  Gym members have trained hard for months and years to get fit, not days.   If you want to grow your business you have to grow and develop the people in it, and sales people cannot get sales fit overnight.

3)      Great sales people need great leaders.

Gym members who are fit don’t want to be coached and trained by people who are overweight or are simply just unfit.  Top sales people evaluate their Sales Manager and if they aren’t being motivated, inspired or feel they can learn from their manager, they will either “coast” or even worse look for a new challenge.

Whether you are running a Startup or a large corporation, the “sales fitness” of your team directly impacts their ability to hit sales targets.  A fit sales team will not only outsell your competition, they will do so faster, and at a much lower cost of sale to the business. Likewise great Sales Managers continually look to improve the overall sales fitness of their team by coaching them.  Like going to the gym, making sales improvements is never easy, however if you want different sales results than you are currently experiencing, then it is unlikely they will improve on their own.

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