Are you Selling the Journey or the Destination

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Klozers Sales Coaching Are you Selling the Journey or the Destination

Are you Selling the Journey or the Destination

In sales there are many things that we all know and take for granted, yet knowing and doing are not the same thing. We all know that we have 2 ears and one mouth and they should be used in that proportion, yet we still struggle to listen as much, and as effectively as we could do. Selling the Destination not the Journey is yet another of those common sales rules that we all take as common sense, yet many companies are still struggle to implement this. This problem is very common with sales people, who have a product or solution, and then focus their sales conversations on this, rather than the outcomes and results that the products or solutions can deliver.

Furthermore Sales People representing companies who have a culture that is predominantly product led, versus sales led, are more likely to lead with product features and then the benefits of those features. All products have features which invariably have benefits, so it is easy for the sales person to fall into the trap of talking about these with the prospect.
This problem can seriously impact sales figures and the analogy between selling the Journey and selling the Destination is a powerful one. When we are choosing our annual vacation the journey is important, but it is not the ultimate reason that we part with our money. Sun drenched beaches with golden sand are a lot more appealing than 6 hours on a plane followed by a 1 hour transfer flight.
Learning more about exactly how your B2B customers use your products, and how it helps them achieve the things in their business that are important to them , is the key to discovering the “Destination” your prospects are looking for.  Selling the Destination” is exactly what all your marketing, messaging, sales collateral and sales conversations should be focused on.  The Features and Benefits of your product or service are important, and Sales People still need to know these, however they should not be the focus of the sales conversation.


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