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Find a Sales Mentor or Coach

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If you want to improve your golf game you go and get lessons from a professional, someone who has been there and done it.  The lessons may involve making small changes in your swing and stance that can be uncomfortable at first, and to the untrained eye they may even seem pointless, but like golf, in sales small adjustments can make the difference between winning and losing.  A Sales Mentor will give you impartial advice and guidance on how to run your sales career successfully.  Before we look at whether you need a paid Sales Mentor or a free one, let’s first look at the benefits this can bring to you.

There are many different sales methodologies, however there are very few business methodologies that are new.  A good Mentor or Sales Coach will give you a model, a framework to set up and run your sales successfully.  They can advise and help you on the main areas of your sales career to ensure the best possible chances of success.  The role of the Sales Mentor or Coach is to advise them of any blind spots the sales person may have.  Quite simply a Sales Mentor can tell what you don’t know and what you don’t know you don’t know.  Without this it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful, it simply means you may take longer and spend more money on the way to achieving your success.

Find a Free Sales Mentor or Coach

If you are in sales ask friends and local business organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Round Table’s and Industry Associations if they are aware of any one who can provide Sales Mentoring or Coaching to you.  Usually there are local organizations who have access to both existing business leaders and retired business leaders.  These typically provide “light touch” advisory services and typically would meet with you between once a month and once every three months to help point you and your business  in the right direction.  They are volunteers and other than joining the association that is running the program there is no charge what so ever and in most, but not all cases these Sales Mentors are simply trying to give back to their community.

Find a Paid Sales Mentor or Coach

In the same way as searching for a free Sales Mentor or Coach ask all your contacts if they have used, or know of any Sales Mentor or Coach that they could recommend to you.  Paying a Business Mentor or Coach has a number of advantages over any free service such as a) paid coaches are professionals and therefore more likely to offer a professional service to your organization, b) paid coaches should be (but not always) experts in their field and you get to tap into this expertise, c) paid coaches should have experienced the types of problems you and your business is facing and more importantly, they will know how to overcome them.


Sales Mentors and Sales Coaches whether free or paid can help you, and my personal recommendation would be to get one of each.  From experience you can never learn enough and any source of learning and help whether paid or otherwise should be welcomed.  The mere ability to talk ideas through with people who may have a different perspective to yourself is invaluable.  Some of the best business strategies and tactics I personally use have come from my own Sales Mentors and Coaches, although I have to admit in some cases my initial reaction was to discount some of the ideas, but after listening and talking through all the positives I had enough confidence in my Mentors to actually try the ideas which is obviously really important.  Until I found a coach I never knew what I didn’t know – and this is the same for everybody.