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Fix Your Sales Pipeline Now

Fix Your Sales Pipeline


At Klozers we strongly believe that success in sales is all about the sales pipeline, both in terms of quantity, but equally the quality of opportunities that are in the sales pipeline. Quite simply, a healthy sales pipeline equals healthy sales revenues, and healthy commissions if you are a Sales Professional.  Simple as this may sound, managing the sales pipe is however the number one challenge for many sales professionals and sales managers. We also believe in keeping things simple at klozers and hence we worked out two really simple questions that we can all ask ourselves every day that will provide clarity and focus on our own sales.

  1. Who can I add to my sales pipeline today?

Often good sales people can struggle to consistently prospect for new business.  If they are in a role that provides a regular flow of qualified leads from a marketing or lead generation team, then this question is obviously less relevant for a sales professional, but it’s still really important for sales managers and business owners.  Adding at least one new qualified prospect a day might not be enough for your business model if you are B2C, but many B2B companies would die for that.

  1. Who can I move in my sales pipeline today?

It’s great that we have opportunities in our pipeline, but we need to nurture and develop each opportunity, to get the maximum number of these opportunities over the line. Part of any good pipeline management includes moving Opportunities out of the sales pipe. Circumstances change and there is no shame in qualifying out an opportunity if it is no longer a good fit for your business.  We must keep moving prospects through the sales pipeline or out the sales pipeline.


Whilst these questions might seem obvious, we have found from experience sales people can all too easily become distracted by the many other responsibilities they may have. Those distractions are what makes sales people busy but not necessarily effective.  Keeping a focus on these 2 questions and becoming obsessed with the answers to the questions will ensure your sales pipe delivers healthy revenues for you.