Overcoming Sales Objections – 3 Easy Ways [2018]

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Klozers Sales Coaching Overcoming Sales Objections – 3 Easy Ways [2018]

Overcoming Sales Objections – 3 Easy Ways [2018]

Overcoming Sales Objections

Overcoming Sales Objections is a common roadblock for many Sales People and Sales Managers.  That awkward moment when the buyer/s challenge the Sales Person, can often make or break the Sales Person.  I personally used to hate how uncomfortable I became when the buyer “stumped” me so to speak and found it extremely frustrating.  Over time, I discovered 3 easy ways, that I now teach, and help many of our clients turnaround an awkward sales meeting and close more opportunities.

1)      Research & Plan: brainstorm with Sales Teams or on your own, and write down every single Stall & Objection your buyers have previously given you.  When you do this, you will quickly realize that more often than not, it is the same or at least very similar objections that keep resurfacing.  Once we know the most common objections, turn them into questions to use as part of your sales qualification process.    It is much better to handle the buyers Stalls & Objections before they manifest, rather than waiting on the buyer bringing them up.  Asking these questions up front and early on in the sales process ensures there is:

  1. a)      A “good fit” between the sellers products and services and the buyer’s requirements  moving forward.
  2. b)      Positions the Sales person as upfront and not afraid to ask difficult questions that may ultimately lose him the sale.
  3. c)       Avoids wasting the Sales Person and Buyers time, by pursuing an opportunity that will never close.
  4. d)      Help demonstrate the Sales Persons product and industry knowledge.


2)      In cases where Sales People have failed to qualify out genuine Sales Objections early on in the Sales Process we recommend the use of flash cards for training.  Simply take some 4” x 6” postcards and write down the most common stalls & objections.  Brain storm with your sales team the best responses to those objections and write them down on the back of the card.  You can then run short training sessions involving role play to help the Sales People memorize the correct responses.  Remember to monitor how successful your responses are – it may be that although the response makes perfect sense for you, it doesn’t work for your customers, so always check and look to improve if you are not getting the desired results.


3)      Change your mind-set.  What I mean by this is, that many sales people fear Stalls and Objections  and too many become deflated and give up.  In reality most objections are actually requests from the buyer for further information.  The buyer is not yet clear in his mind, and they simply need some points clarifying.  This is in fact an opportunity for the Sales Person to shine, and not something they should fear or avoid.   Sales People need to welcome Stalls & Objections and be much more positive when they are brought up.  If the buyer has absolutely no Stalls and Objections, I would go as far as to actually question how genuine their interest is?  Often silence is the first sign of a bigger problem.

Overcoming Sales Objections is a challenge that will probably never go away, unless you stop being a Sales Person.  Unless Sales People learn to handle these in a positive and productive way then they will inevitably continue to under perform.  Why struggle and lose sales when with some effort Sales People can easily overcome the objections?  Ultimately it is the responsibility of the Sales Manager and business leaders to ensure Sales People are as effective as possible.  Overcoming Sales Objections may be the difference between hitting this year’s sales targets, or not.

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Overcoming Sales Objections – 3 Easy Ways [2018]
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Overcoming Sales Objections – 3 Easy Ways [2018]
This article provides 3 easy strategies that every sales person can use to overcome customers sales objections.
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