Top 10 Best Sales Books

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Top 10 Best Sales Books

One of the most common questions we receive in our Sales Workshops is “What are the Best Sales Books I should be reading?”  We probably buy and read around one book a month, so we have lots and lots of books here.  We do this because we are big advocates of Personal and Professional Development and reading is one of the easiest and best forms of personal development, and books are within the budget of everyone.  So we created this list from literally the hundreds of books we have in our library, they are in no particular order and just to clarify we have no commercial relationship with either Amazon, the book publishers or any of the authors.  We hope you both enjoy and benefit from reading them.

Best Sales Books 

1)      The Chimp Paradox – Steve Peters

Rather than a conventional sales book, this book helps with personal performance and provides a proven framework to help understand and develop your mind.  It has been used and endorsed by a multitude of top performers, such as six-time Olympic Champion Sir Chris Hoy.  Understanding how your own mind works is hugely powerful, add then knowing how your prospects and clients’ minds works, and this book is a must read for every sales person, every sales manager and every senior executive. 

2)      Our Iceberg is Melting – John Kotter

This is a brilliant book on “Change”.  Making Sales Improvements is all about change and this book helps you understand change, how different people deal with change and what you can do to help people through the change process.  It’s extremely well written, doesn’t take long to read and we give this to every client before they start any of our Sales Improvement Projects.  Written by Dr John Kotter a veteran of MIT and Harvard business school this is an absolute must read.

3)      59 Seconds – Richard Wiseman

Another personal development book but with a difference.  The teachings of author Professor Richard Wiseman have been peer reviewed and are backed up by some fascinating research.  The book debunks some popular self-development myths and gives practical strategies for making changes in your life quickly.

4)      Good to Great – Jim Collins

This is the best “Business” book I have read and talks through the steps required for taking a good but possibly small business, and turning it into a great company of scale.  The reality is this is where most businesses fail and many believe Sales is the problem and it might well be, however as the book explains, Leadership, Strategy, Culture, Technology and People are equally important.

5)      Lead Generation for the Complex Sale – Brian Carroll

This book provides a great step by step guide to implementing a powerful lead generation programme.  Although targeted for those involved in a complex sale the principles are equally valuable for all business to business (B2B) sales.  We strongly recommend this book to all our clients to help fill the sales funnel which is one of the most difficult challenges for most companies.

6)      As a Man Thinketh – James Allen

This book was first published in 1903 by James Allen as a guide to help people help themselves and although it is well over 100 years old the principles are still very relevant today.  The book is written in Olde English which can make it difficult to understand, however it is pure gold dust in terms of self-development.  The author Allen was the founder of self-development and 30 years ahead of the more famous Napoleon Hill author of “Think and Grow Rich”. You can download a free copy here

7)      5 Star Service – Michael Heppell

This is one of the best sales books because most people thinking how to increase sales, start with trying to find new customers.  That’s not necessarily wrong, however you might want to think about looking after existing clients first which helps with client retention, upselling and cross selling.  “5 Star Service” provides practical strategies every business can implement that will immediately improve the customer service they deliver.  The book is very well written and the layout makes it very easy to read. 

8)      Consultative Selling – Mack Hannon

Author Mack Hannon was years ahead of his time and when everyone else was pushing features & benefits selling, Hannon led the way with genuine win-win strategies for vendors and clients via his Consultative Selling methodology.  Definitely one of the best sales books.

9)      Yes 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini

In sales everyone looks for the big moves that win deals, in our experience it’s the small things we do or possibly don’t do that make the difference.  Co-written by Professor Robert Cialdini the foremost author in the field of persuasion, even if you are not in sales this book is a great read.

10)   Advanced Selling Strategies – Brian Tracy

430 Pages of sales knowledge from Brian Tracy and although first published in 1995 this book is still relevant for the modern sales professional.  In addition to the great sales content the book also covers the Psychology of Selling and Personal Development, both of which will have a huge influence in the success of any sales person.

Hopefully our list of Best Sales Books is diverse enough that there will be something of interest for everyone.  Please remember however whilst reading is great, at some stage you have to take action or you will never move forward.  As you are reading these sales books please take notes on, what motivates you, what you can take action on immediately, and what you would like to take action on in the future.  Knowledge is great, but of little value if it’s not applied.