Why You aren’t Getting Referrals

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Klozers Sales Coaching Why You aren’t Getting Referrals

Why You aren’t Getting Referrals

Getting Referrals

You’re selling a great product or service and you are doing OK, and that is your problem.  You want and need to be delivering better than OK sales results, but every sale is like a marathon and it’s tiring you out.  Every now and then you get a referral which you close quicker and easier than all your other leads, but you never receive enough referrals to really make an impact.  Why not?  Well there is one sales tool that every sales person has that is key to developing more referrals than you can cope with, yet most sales people don’t even know it exists, let alone develop and utilize it.  This sales tool can make or break you and all great sales people know this and use it to maximize their results.

Most sales professionals would never consider themselves as a brand – but they are.  Personal branding is hugely important for any sales professional, and ultimately their personal branding can make or break them.  Personal Branding is no longer a choice, as we all have one whether we want one or not.  The only choice we have is whether we choose to take ownership of our brand and develop it or not.  Understanding what our own Personal Brand currently is can often be an uncomfortable process and sometimes denial, and a lack of humility prevents the average Sales person from moving forward.  Quite simply Personal Branding is…

what other people say about us behind our back.  Our personal brand is what we are famous for – the good and the bad, which is what makes it so powerful.  In the most negative sense our personal brand will have our prospects, our customers and our business network telling people not to contact us.  They may say we are unreliable, untrustworthy, dull, tardy, talkative or lack substance and should be avoided.

Sales people who represent a strong business brand will find their prospects and clients are a little more forgiving in our bid to buy the brand.  Walk into any Apple store and you won’t see much selling going on, more order taking as the branding has already sold the products.  A sales person representing a lesser brand will in turn have to work much harder to make his quota.

In a positive sense people will endorse, recommend and pay testimony to those with the strongest Personal brand.  Our personal brand will drive referrals and new business to sales professionals with the best personal brand, often without even asking.  Every sales professional’s personal brand can be measured directly by the number of referrals they receive.

Most sales people have an average Brand which produces average results.  With that in mind there is one easy way to tell if your personal brand needs a refresh – do you consistently receive unsolicited recommendations and referrals?  If not why not?