How to Generate More B2B Sales Leads

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Klozers Sales Conferences How to Generate More B2B Sales Leads

How to Generate More B2B Sales Leads

New Sales Leads are next years Key Accounts, next years Strategic Partners, in short they are the fuel that drives Business Growth and developing a consistent flow of new sales leads is important for every business.

Finding what works and what doesn’t work in terms of B2B lead generation can be expensive and time consuming for companies, however whilst no two companies are the same there are lessons we can all learn from each other in developing sales leads.

A survey by has produced some great insights into the various methods companies are using to generate new sales leads.

It’s usually impossible to undertake every lead generation activity on the list and we wouldn’t advocate you even try, however the list might give you some ideas and inspiration in terms of what you can do.

The list was interesting for us, as in our own particular B2B business the top five methods we have experienced for generating new sales leads are:

1) Referrals

2) Inside Sales

3) Executive Events

4) Website

5) Linkedin

Rather than viewing the survey as definitive, we would suggest this is used as a guide and you review all the methods you are currently using.  Don’t stop any of your existing Lead Generation methods unless of course you know for sure they are not delivering any form of return.  Instead use the list to cherry pick new ideas and then A/B test them with your existing methods of generating sales leads.

Regardless of the methods you are using to generate new sales leads, focus on doing a number of the methods consistently, rather than trying to use too many of the different methods.  For most companies this means doing between 5 and 7 activities and with the consistency this brings you will also start to improve on the quality of your execution.  Doing a small number consistently well is much better than doing a large number randomly with varying degrees of quality.

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