B2B Sales Most Important USP

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B2B Sales Most Important USP

Having compelling and Unique Selling Points are without doubt is an important ingredient for success, as they help the buyer distinguish you, from your competitors.  However, this is not B2B Sales Most Important USP as there comes a point in the B2B sales process when another, more important USP, comes in to play, and this USP alone can determine the success or otherwise of the sale.  B2B companies that are successfully utilizing this USP are benefiting from increased closing ratios and longer client engagements.

This Unique Selling Point is often ignored, and often taken for granted by B2B sales organizations and it is quite simply this – In B2B sales, People buy from People. The single, most important USP in B2B sales, is without doubt the sales person. 

Great brands and great products will all lose business to the competition, if the competition has better sales people.   In the boardroom, great Sales Professionals use the sales conversations and sales negotiations to further their relationships with Company Executives  by building trust and rapport.  Even after the meetings and business, great sales professionals are nurturing and enhancing their client relationships via a combination of traditional and social selling.  No other USP can build value, trust and long term relationships like a great B2B sales professional.

Should anyone be in any doubt as to the power of this, simply ask yourself the question “In B2B Sales when did you last buy anything from a salesman you did not like?”.  Most of us will go out of our way to not buy from a Salesperson we don’t like.

Whilst it may not be necessary for sales people to like every customer, the ability to build and sustain relationships can often make or break a sales person.  Without any relationships sales people never have the opportunity to resell, cross sell or up sell anyone they have previously sold to.  In B2B sales, typically up to 70% of next years’ revenues are coming from this years customers, which is difficult to achieve if we don’t have strong relationships with our customers.  Build your people skills and relationships will follow, build relationships and business will follow.