Branding Your Business For Success [2018]

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Klozers Sales Consulting Branding Your Business For Success [2018]

Branding Your Business For Success [2018]

Branding your Business

Branding your business or re-branding an existing one, can often seem daunting and difficult to place an exact value on.  Nevertheless it is important, as despite many years of our mothers and fathers telling us not to judge a book by its cover, we still do.  Every day we make “Judgements”, and these judgements lead us to making decisions on what is good or bad, or right and wrong.  Well your own prospects are making judgements on you based on your brand, your website, your literature, your staff and even you.  These judgements lead your prospects to make a decision to either move forward in the sales process or not.  The judgements and decisions are made without them “opening the book” so to speak, and in the worst case scenario, the prospects then continue their search for a book that “fits” the mental picture in their mind of what they are looking for. Branding your business is about first understanding who your customers or prospects are, what your prospects may want, or what they may need, and then creating an attractive book cover (branding), that catches their attention (awareness),  and encourages them to open (take action).

Branding your Business correctly, will attract buyers to your business, they will be attracted to your products and services, and the following two things then happen:

1)      Selling becomes easier as prospects have already made the emotional connection with your brand and have already part or fully made the decision to buy in their minds.

2)      Price then becomes less important in the decision making criteria – which means you can be more profitable.

There are some fantastic examples of Branding in the Business to Consumer market who have achieved this, such as Nike.  Very few people know anything of shoe design, shoe construction, shoe materials and they would struggle to tell one good shoe from a bad one, but they buy Nike – more often because of the brand.  In Business to Business, Salesforce is a great example of a successful online brand that attracts prospects, has high awareness and encourages prospects to take action via a free trial.  Despite the many different choices of CRM, Salesforce has protected and grown market share due partly to their strong brand.

Branding your Business or Book Cover has a huge impact on the success of your business, so whether you are starting a new business or re-branding an old one, get Professional help from a Branding expert to give you the best possible chance of success. Effective Branding will make sure when the right prospects view your book cover they do not view you as an encyclopedia, trying to appeal to everyone, resulting in only appealing to a few.  Encyclopedias are not the top selling or most successful on Amazon, niche books are.  Books that Publishers have targeted to a specific niche such as fiction, adventure, thrillers and biographies etc, are always the most successful and in the same way, your business needs to find a niche and then target it if they are to be successful.

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Branding Your Business for Success
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Branding Your Business for Success
Your company brand has a huge impact on how you are perceived by your prospects and your clients. In most cases sales leaders underestimate the value of their brand and can even be doing sales activities that damage the brand.
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