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Consultative Sales Guide


The Consultative Sales approach we teach is hugely different from Traditional Sales techniques, however its success lies in a highly counter intuitive approach. That approach is quite simply to “Stop trying to sell to people”. The world has changed and today’s modern Buyers are smarter and better educated than ever before. This evolution has led people for the most part, to dislike being sold to. For example the majority of us when asked by any shop assistant “Can I help you?” always reply “No thanks I am just looking”. The Traditional Sales approach of getting in front of someone and pitching your Features & Benefits is not only outdated, it is off putting for the modern buyer. Furthermore old school sales closing techniques are so obvious to the modern, savvy buyer, that they have developed their own well drilled stalls and objections to counter them, leaving the traditional Sales Person largely ineffective. So how can deliberately NOT trying to sell to people ever work, well read our Consultative Sales Guide below.

The truth is the more you try and sell anything to anyone the more unsuccessful you will be. The key to sales success is not going out to sell, but simply going out and having the right type of conversation, with the right people, in a structured and repeatable way. Having conversations focussed on a buyers needs and wants, is much more powerful than turning up with any PowerPoint presentation. People hate to be sold to, but love to buy and Consultative Sales Professionals simply facilitate the right conditions for the buyer to buy.

The Consultative Sales Approach isn’t simply asking questions as most people believe. For example most Sales People restrict their questioning process to Open & Closed questions, when in fact there are many other types of questions such as Redirect, Presumptive, Summary, Funnelling, Opposing and Presumptive that are much more powerful. Often overlooked but equally important to Questioning Skills is what the Consultant does with the answers he receives.

People buy from people, and there are few occasions that the modern day buyer, will buy from a Sales Person they do not like. There will be occasions where the brand name of the product or service will help the buyer overlook any inadequacies in the sales person, but the majority of Sales professionals do not have that luxury. The Consultative Sales approach requires expert people skills, and highly developed Emotional Intelligence that makes the Consultant much more than a Trusted Advisor, as they develop their conversations into deeper than normal relationships.

Even Sales people who have never been trained in traditional techniques naturally default to a more traditional sales approach, as they believe they have to go out and convince people to buy. Trying to convince anyone to buy is not nearly as powerful as someone convincing themselves to buy. Having a buyer convince themselves they want to buy and then asking you how they can buy is surely the best possible scenario for all of us in Consultative Sales.