How To Increase Sales

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How To Increase Sales


How to Increase Sales is the biggest challenge all business executives face regardless of the business size or industry.  We all have to continually find new customers if we want to grow, even giants like Coca Cola, Apple, MacDonalds & Google are continually looking for new and innovative ways to acquire new customers.  Often what worked previously to win new business does not work now, as markets change and new trends emerge. What’s worse, as a business you can be perfect, do nothing wrong, and still lose existing customers to mergers, bankruptcies etc – in business we have to grow, even to standstill.

The only way to increase sales in any business is via the High Seas of Sales & Marketing, but for most businesses this is the most difficult nut to crack.  You may be groaning at the mere thought of throwing more money at Sales & Marketing due to past disappointments, and when the economy was down it was an easy decision not to invest in Sales & Marketing, as you kept your business safe like a ship in the harbor.  The economy has however changed for the better, but most business owners are unsure specifically where to invest in Sales & Marketing as they can’t afford to make mistakes and are struggling to move forward.  The reality is unless your business has an effective Sales & Marketing function, the question of how to increase sales will always shadow you.

Profitable Sales are like the Ship’s Sails that will drive your Business Ship out of it’s current safe Harbor of survival, into the high seas you need to cross to reach your business goals.  You are the Captain of your ship and it’s your responsibility to navigate the difficult seas of business.  No new sales, means you will stay safe in the harbor, unfortunately that will not get you anywhere.  It’s not the decisions a business makes that kills it, – it’s the decisions they don’t make, as this procrastination causes stagnation.  How to Increase Sales? – be bold, be brave and chase your dreams.