How to Write a Business Case

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How to Write a Business Case

There are many things a Sales Professional can do to get sales over the line, and no one strategy or tactic will work every time, however one of the most powerful tools available is to learn how to write a Business Case.  Nearly every Sales person rushes to give presentations or prepare a proposal or presentation, yes this works some of the time however if life was so simple every prospect would then place an order and they clearly don’t.

Unfortunately many sales people are unsure how to write a Business Case for their products or services and therefore don’t.  Sales literature, sales presentations, sales proposals, sales quotations are actually one sided, subjective documents that the prospect may or may not believe.  We have ourselves learned by our own mistakes the benefits of building a solid business case for sales opportunities, and share these with our clients.

A well constructed Business Case will support any previous sales conversation and in addition will provide the following:

  1. An opportunity to learn more about the prospects business and situation
  2. An opportunity to deepen your relationship with the prospect as you work together to write the business case
  3. A well constructed and objective reasoning for the prospect to take action
  4. An opportunity to position yourself as an expert by asking insightful questions as you work through the document
  5. An opportunity to talk with other influencers and decision makers in the prospects organisation
  6. An opportunity to answer questions from Decision Makers who are not available to speak with
  7. An opportunity to negate both the status quo and your competition

From experience the only people who know how to write a business case are Enterprise Sales people who are typically working on large accounts, but we can learn from them.  There is no doubt that writing a Business Case is time consuming, and it may be overkill for some opportunities, however it’s also a great way to qualify a prospect, as if they are prepared to invest their time helping you create the business case then you know for sure they are serious.  If you would like to learn how to write a business case you can download by completing the box below.

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