Sales Management Training – Top 4 Essentials [2018]

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Klozers Sales Consulting Sales Management Training – Top 4 Essentials [2018]

Sales Management Training – Top 4 Essentials [2018]

How to Motivate Sales People is a never ending challenge for Business Owners and Sales VP’s.   Ultimately Sales Management has only one goal, which is improving sales effectiveness within the organization.  Although there is only one goal, there are many different areas a sales manager can help increase sales performance and choosing the right ones and prioritizing is obviously important.  Whether you are new in role or simply looking to kick start your existing sales team, Sales Management Training will help you understand and implement your ability to impact any organization and deliver value. 

Here are the Top 4 Essentials you need.

1)     Sales Management Training – Planning

Fail to plan and you plan to fail.  We have all heard this a million times yet studies show 85% of companies do not have a sales plan.  A sales plan is quite simply the sales road map your sales people will follow to reach their sales goals.  As an example your sales plan could include your key account plans and new client acquisition plans, and the product or service mix you will need to achieve your revenue targets and the sales process you will use.

2)     Sales Management Training – Structure & Accountability

Without any structure in your sales department you will quickly find that not everyone is following your sales plan.  This is the equivalent to having a rowing boat with all the rowers trying to go in different directions – you will get moving but not nearly as quick as if you all rowed in the same direction, and in unison.  Sales Accountability is how you help your sales people stick to the plan they agreed.

3)     Sales Management Training – People Development

You will never your grow sales unless you grow your people.  If the overall goal is to increase sales efficiency then we must look at all the parts that affect efficiency and one of the biggest parts is people.  One of the responsibilities of Sales Management is to improve their sales people and each sales person should have a Personal Development Plan in order to do this.

4)     Sales Management Training – Recruitment & Hiring

If you do not have a process for recruiting Sales Winners you may end up recruiting another companies Sales Loser.  This will not only cost you and your business in terms of wasted salary for the time they are with you, but it will also cost you to repeat your selection process, advertising, recruiter fees, Management time, Admin Time, Taxes, Expenses and leaving costs.  Without a process you will not be able to measure and look for improvements to your existing sales hiring process.


Sales Management & Sales are not a black art and needs the same organization, due diligence and attention to detail as any other part of the business such as Finance or Operations.  There are obviously many other parts to Sales Management than the four listed above.  Executing these four, will however make sure you are on the right track and whilst it won’t guarantee you success, it will certainly give you a solid foundation to build on.

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Sales Management Training - Top 4 Essentials
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Sales Management Training - Top 4 Essentials
Discover the top 4 essentails that Sales Managers use to get the most from their sales teams.
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