Sales Methodology It’s Your Sales Religion [2018]

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Klozers Sales Consulting Sales Methodology It’s Your Sales Religion [2018]

Sales Methodology It’s Your Sales Religion [2018]

Sales Methodology

Sales Methodologies can make or break your business, as they not only impact the way you sell, they have a direct impact on many other important factors in your business.  How you market and position your product or service, the length of your sales cycle, the profit margins you gain, your terms of engagement, and even the size of the wages and commissions you pay your sales force can all be affected by the Sales Methodology you choose.  Check out the table below on Sales Methodology for some ideas on how the main four differ.

Before choosing your Sales Methodology it might be worth considering what exactly a methodology is, in order that you are fully aware of the implications.   A strong Sales Methodology can be almost like a religion.  It is a series of common and shared beliefs on selling, which will influence everything from sales recruitment, to sales tactics and strategySales Leaders will use the methodology to coach, train and manage the Sales Force and when implemented correctly, will be vigorously self-policed on the sales floor.  However, if your industry and or market conditions change, converting your Sales People from one Sales Methodology to another, whilst not impossible, is similar to asking someone to change religion.  For any existing business, a failure to realign their sales force to a different methodology due to changes in the market place can be the difference between thriving and surviving.

 Followers and proponents of each of the methodologies can be fiercely defensive and it is worth noting for the record, no ‘one’ methodology is necessarily better than the other.  It is much more a case of, horses for courses, and the whole reason these different sales methodologies evolved was because of a need for them.  High end consulting firms such as Bain & Company who use a Consultative Sales Methodology, could not function using a Transactional Sales Methodology, no more than your local cable company, who use Transactional selling, could operate using Solution Selling methodologies.

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Sales Methodology - It's Your Sales Religion
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Sales Methodology - It's Your Sales Religion
This article explains what a Sales Methodology is and shows a comparison table between all the main sales methodoligies currently being used, and their most common applications.
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