Selling Techniques for Non Sales Professionals

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Klozers Sales Consulting Selling Techniques for Non Sales Professionals

Selling Techniques for Non Sales Professionals

We often are asked to train what we call Non Selling Professionals in selling techniques – these are people in a business where sales is not their primary role, this could be Lawyers, Engineers, Analysts, Accountants, Developers, Architects etc.  In most cases when we first meet them they proclaim that they could never be a sales person – the reality is that humility is one of the traits that means that they absolutely could be a great sales person.  Unfortunately the publics’ perception of a Sales Person is largely negative and the type of adjectives the public use when asked to describe a sales person are words like “liar”, “selfish”, “talks too much”, “money grabber” and “annoying”.  The reality is that most sales people are nothing like this, however sometimes we pay the price for those that go before us and unfortunately there are, albeit a small number of sales people, who are like that.  If you think about it though those traits are hardly a recipe for success.  So what Selling Techniques could and do we all use that are common to the most successful sales people?


Selling Techniques



Set Goals and manage your own time – be effective not busy.  Be respectful of your clients’ time, turn up on time to meetings, prepare before meetings to get the most from them.  Spend time with clients to help them.  Focus your time on your best prospects.


Get a plan and stick to it, sales plans, communications plan and account plans.  Many sales are lost when you are back in your own office.  Respond within 24 hours, manage expectations and take ownership of problems and follow up.


Listen, empathise and give, yes give, as in Emersons Law of Compensation.  Stop trying to sell and start trying to help, have conversations not sales pitches.  Recognise when there is no fit and walk away – never force the sale.  Pass on referrals and give recommendations.


Become the expert in your field.  Be the “go to” person in your industry that people refer others to.  Create your own personal development plan and learn as much as you can about yourself and customers.  Mentor, coach and help others.


Be true to yourself.  Have those difficult conversations with family, friends, colleagues and customers.  Losing some sales, losing some battles will help you win the war.  Nurture and grow your integrity, self-respect and self-belief.  Be authentic and true to yourself.


These Selling Techniques are not glamorous, they might not produce an overnight transformation however they do work.  Together you will see these five areas form the basis of TRUST.  Selling without trust may be possible, but it is extremely hard work and will without doubt limit your success.  In business the antithesis of trust is risk, and every Buyer, every CEO, every organisation will pay more for a solution that is perceived to mitigate risk. Building and sustaining TRUST is the foundation of Mastery in sales, although many of our clients have asked us to help embed these “selling techniques” throughout their organisation not just sales.