Top 7 Reasons Sales People Should Love B2B Marketing

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Klozers Sales Consulting Top 7 Reasons Sales People Should Love B2B Marketing

Top 7 Reasons Sales People Should Love B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing


Disharmony between Sales & Marketing has been around for many years despite the fact there is little doubt that aligning B2B Sales with B2B Marketing efforts, drives increases in sales results.   Surely, working together and collaborating is more productive than working in isolation? Understanding the Value that marketing actually delivers in the complete B2B sales process is the first step for most of us sales people.  I came up with an example at a recent talk I was giving, which seemed to make sense not only for the sales people in the room, but the marketing people also liked the explanation, which went as follows:

Imagine you are a buyer and you decide that you need some soft drinks for your staff.  When the sales person from Coca Cola arrives to meet with you, will it be easier for him to make the sale than the sales person from ABC Drinks Company?  Most definitely and here’s why:

1)      Great Marketing creates awareness of your company’s Brand that ‘part’ sells the prospect, before the sales person enters the meeting.

2)      Great Marketing makes the prospect aware of your Brand, your Message and your Values and conveys a level of Trust about what the buyer will receive should they choose you.

3)      Great Marketing drives lead generation, opening the door for sales people to new opportunities.

4)      Great Marketing puts sales people in front of part qualified buyers.

5)      Great Marketing simplifies and reduces sales cycles, and lowers the cost of sale.

6)      Great Marketing helps sales people close new opportunities when Buyers engage with the brand.

7)      Great Marketing reinforces the relationship with existing clients.


Great B2B Marketing is a must have not a nice to have, and Sales People should do all they can to work with marketing, feeding back market intelligence, competitor intelligence, customer insights, and market direction so they are truly aligned.  In the simplest terms if Sales & Marketing are not aligned and for example, do not agree in advance the exact customers they are targeting – how successful would our top Coca Cola sales person be, if marketing constantly sent him sales leads of buyers who were looking for an orange coloured fizzy drink?  Making sales is much easier with marketing than without it, and none of us should turn down help to close more business.