Transforming Account Managers Into Revenue Generating Sales People

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Klozers Sales Consulting Transforming Account Managers Into Revenue Generating Sales People

Transforming Account Managers Into Revenue Generating Sales People

Account Managers

Account Managers are no longer being viewed solely as the guardians of key accounts that deliver the recurring revenue that sustains most organizations.  Changes in the economy has forced many companies to re-evaluate the roles of Account Managers and many are now looking for Account Managers to open doors and bring in new business.  Asking “Farmers” to take on the role of the “Hunter” obviously presents challenges for both the Account Managers and the company leadership and these cannot be taken lightly.  Account Management and Business Development are very different roles and this cannot be under estimated if we want to be successful in driving new revenue for the business.  In order to maximize our results there are some simple things we can do to make the transformation easier for everyone.

1)      Establish the need for change – people need a reason for change and without a solid verifiable reason they will resist.

2)      Create a Driving Force – establish a team who will be responsible for creating and sustaining the new Business Development Activities.

3)      Share the Vision and work together with your Managers and Team Leaders to develop new goals on Business Development.

4)      Create a new Sales Plan – presumably your old one didn’t take into account this new strategy Your new sales plan is the road map the Account Managers can follow to your Sales Goals and Vision.

5)      Empower the Managers by removing any and all obstacles, and support them with the specific training and coaching that they require to help them reach the sales goals they set.

6)      Generate some short term wins to further encourage the Managers and reinforce the benefits of the new sales strategy to any doubters.

7)      Build on your wins and drive more changes with the Account Managers sales behavior towards Business Development behaviors.

Transforming Account Managers into revenue generating Sales People is by no means a simple project and many companies have failed to underestimate the degree of difficulty involved.  They therefore do not plan and do not adequately support the account managers through the process.  If Account Management is Spanish then Business Development is Portuguese – they may be very similar but they are not the same and you cannot teach anyone that is fluent in Spanish how to speak Portuguese on a two day training course.   The transformation process is a journey and Account Managers will need time and support to adjust to the new roles and responsibilities.

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Transforming Account Managers Into Revenue Generating Sales People
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Transforming Account Managers Into Revenue Generating Sales People
Many companies now require Account Managers to perform some level of business development activities and this article explains the best approach for this.
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