You Don’t Have a Sales Problem

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You Don’t Have a Sales Problem

Sales Problems are common; some people even believe that their sales problems are unique to them, but do they really have a sales problem?  Whether it’s Sales Professionals struggling to reach their sales targets, or a VP of Sales struggling to coach, manage and motivate their sales team, or even a CEO wrestling with a Sales Strategy and Sales Plans, none of them have a sales problem, and here’s why.  No we are not sticking our head in the sand because quite simply no company, Executive or Sales Professional ever has a sales problem, and that’s because a lack of sales is not a problem it’s a …


That’s right a lack of sales is never a sales problem, it’s the symptom of a problem, and that problem lies somewhere else in the business.  Furthermore unless we understand this, we not only will never fix our sales problems, we will spend time, money and energy on the trying to fix the wrong things.  One of Americas’ top sales trainers Leanne Hoagland-Smith talks about working on the right end of the horse.  That’s because in sales if you are not working on the right end of the horse, you are going nowhere.  Furthermore, the wrong end of the horse is not pleasant – you will get kicked, and even worse you will experience and feel all the other mucky things that come from the wrong end of the horse.   Trying to increase sales when you are working at the wrong end is impossible in the same way that it’s impossible to steer a horse by the tail.

A lack of sales is a symptom, not a problem.  In the same way that if someone visits a Doctor with a runny nose, if the Doctor was to treat the runny nose with a box of tissues, it would not solve the problem.  Sales Consulting is like being a Doctor, in that we should never jump to conclusions, but by asking the right questions and performing a Root Cause Analysis it’s possible to uncover the real problems.  The root of Sales Problems can be traced back to any number of things such as a weak value proposition, poor customer service, poor sales skills, ineffective sales management, no sales planning, generic marketing, wrong strategy, culture and the values of the business.  In fact there can be 101 reasons a company is not getting the sales results they desire.  More often than not, there will be not one single thing that a business is doing wrong, rather there will be a number of things they could simply do better.  But we will never know until we start looking in the right place and not bury our heads in the sand.