Your Biggest Sales Problem

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Klozers Sales Consulting Your Biggest Sales Problem

Your Biggest Sales Problem

Sales Problem


Ultimately in Sales we all want to grow our client list and we all want to retain and build our existing clients in a profitable and sustainable manner.  If we all want similar things then it should be no surprise that the sales problem, challenges and road blocks we face are also then similar.  When we get all our clients together for events, despite the numerous different industries and markets our clients come from, and regardless of the products and services they each sell, they are always amazed at how similar the problems are that each one faces.  However without doubt if there was one challenge above all others to growing sales revenues it is this.

Sales.  Yes your existing Sales is the biggest obstacle to growing new Sales.  With Sales comes revenue and that revenue creates a level of comfort that prevents sales people and companies from:

1) Changing – change is healthy and it keeps us ahead of the competition.  Without change we become stale and obsolete.

2) Innovating – last year’s successful sales strategy is now being copied by our competition and now no longer differentiates us from the competition.  Success has reduced our creativity.

3) Resilience – because we are making some money our tolerance for Pain has increased.  We now accept Sales Problems, where before you simply couldn’t afford to, and went out of your way to fix them.

4) Risk – it’s easy to take risks when you have nothing to lose.  Now you have a regular Sales revenue stream, why risk changing anything or investing even more in sales & marketing?

5) Hunger – low or no sales keeps us hungry, and when we are hungry we will rip up trees to find orders.  Having customers means we can get distracted by farming when we could or should be hunting.

If our personal computer only worked 70, 80 or even 90% of the time we would be quick to replace or repair it, yet as long as we have some sales and some revenue we tend to accept our sales performance regardless of how good or bad it is.  Furthermore we will spend thousands on marketing or technology in the name of increasing sales, as these solutions usually don’t require us to get out from our comfort zone.  James Allen most famed for his book “As a Man Thinketh” once said “Most men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but few are willing to improve themselves”.  The best place to start improving sales is by looking in the mirror.

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