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Next Generation Sales Enablement

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Next Generation Sales Enablement – Just a short update for all our clients who have been kind enough to support Klozers since we started. We have made some huge changes for 2018 and it’s important to us that our clients know the direction we are heading.

Sales & Marketing has changed dramatically since I began my own sales career over 30 years ago and so has the way that we learn. Most importantly the needs of the clients we serve have also changed, as now more than ever before they have geographically dispersed sales teams for whom it is simply neither practical, nor economical, to gather in one location for a traditional 1 or 2 day training event. Even if they could, without some form of ongoing reinforcement to help embed the new skills and strategies they have learned, the impact of the training diminishes. With ever increasing travel and accommodation costs traditional 1 or 2 day courses can be time consuming, impractical and not cost effective for the client.

As of 19th December 2017 all of our sales training courses and our sales coaching are now available online, for access anywhere at any time. Rather than just build an online Learning Portal, we now have the ability to not just deliver a training course online, we are delivering a complete learning experience through a custom built Sales Enablement platform.  Via monthly membership plans, Sales people can access training and coaching from their desk, their home or on the road. In addition to e-learning, the portal also includes Live Training and Live Coaching which provides the important personal face to face interaction that traditional training offers. Members follow a proven work based learning framework which helps them learn and sell at the same time, without the added expense of travel and accommodation to training events.

Next Generation Sales Enablement Platform 

In the past year we have invested heavily in our range of online sales training courses and our next generation Sales Enablement Platform which is simply an amalgamation of the sales training and the online sales coaching we already provide to clients all over the world. The move away from traditional training is reinforced by studies showing that Millennials and the new generation of learners are more comfortable learning online, at their own speed, and often even prefer e-learning to traditional classroom based lessons. 

Our clients are telling us they can no longer afford to have their sales people out of the field and away from their customers for days at a time. They are looking for flexible solutions where their teams can learn and be coached in the field. An important part of our Sales Enablement platform is the integration with the communication app Slack. This allows field based sale people to access live coaching via the Slack app on their phone, while they are out on the road.

We appreciate this solution will not be a good fit for everyone, and for those who would still prefer to meet and see us in person, we are still more than happy to talk with you.

You can check out the new Sales Enablement platform here at