21 Great Selling Skills Questions

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Klozers Sales Training 21 Great Selling Skills Questions

21 Great Selling Skills Questions

In the world of sales, Selling Skills can make the difference between a Rainmaker and a Bank breaker for most businesses.  Sales people who miss targets at best, and don’t cover the overheads at worst, are an expensive luxury that most organisations can ill afford.  Analysing and testing these skills in sales people is difficult, as often they can appear pitch perfect in the office but never quite seem to get matching results in the field.  To complicate matters further, the Selling Skills required for success have changed dramatically in recent years with the advent of the web, social media and the numerous sales tools now available.

Combine this with the natural enthusiasm and positivity of most sales people, who for the most part never volunteer for Sales Training, how then are senior decision makers supposed to know when their teams selling skills need upskilling?  One of our clients recently faced this dilemma and we shared with them a simple selling skills questionnaire that asks the following questions:

Broadly speaking Sales People only have three functions as follows, however we accept that some sales people only do 1, or 2 out of the three functions which are:

  1. Finding New Sales Opportunities
  2. Closing New Sales Opportunities
  3. Retaining and Growing their accounts

So here are our top 21 Selling Skills questions for Sales Leaders

1)      Finding New Sales Opportunities

  1. Do our Sales people always have something else to do when it comes to time for prospect?
  2. Do our Sales people have a clearly defined profile of what our perfect prospect looks like?
  3. Do our Sales people have the skills to prospect, online and offline?
  4. Do our Sales people have the confidence to prospect for new business?
  5. Do our Sales people get in front of enough new prospects?
  6. Do our Sales people rely on marketing for leads?
  7. Do our Sales people get enough referrals?

 2)      Closing New Business

  1. Do our Sales people close enough new business?
  2. Do our Sales people talk with enough decision makers?
  3. Do our Sales people rely on discounting to win new business?
  4. Do our Sales people know what differentiates us from the competition?
  5. Do our Sales people consistently articulate why prospects should buy from us, versus maintaining their status quo?
  6. Do our Sales people give lots of presentations but close only a few?
  7. Do our Sales people effectively manage their sales pipeline?

3)      Retaining & Growing Client Accounts

  1. Do our Sales people have and follow a client retention strategy?
  2. Do our Sales people only have one contact in any of our accounts?
  3. Do our Sales people’s consistently follow their Key Account Planning?
  4. Do our Sales people actively seek out new opportunities in our client accounts?
  5. Do our Sales people over commit to clients causing needless pressure on other parts of our business?
  6. Do our Sales people do not control the sales conversation?
  7. Do our Sales people lack the skills or confidence required to negotiate with Senior Executives?


We’re not claiming this is the most accurate way to evaluate the selling skills of your team, but for us evaluating past performance is a great indicator of future performance.  Ultimately however the most important question for every sales leader is “Are the sales results your team are delivering matching the ambitions and desires of the business?”  If Yes then you are in good shape but if not you need to make some form of intervention.    If you would like a hard copy of the Selling Skills questionnaire in .PDF form please complete the box below.

Please feel free to drop us a note with your own suggestions of questions.

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