5 Reasons Sales Pitching is NOT Selling

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Klozers Sales Training 5 Reasons Sales Pitching is NOT Selling

5 Reasons Sales Pitching is NOT Selling

Sales Pitching

Sales Pitching as part of a Sales process is a common sight on reality TV shows such as the Apprentice and Dragons Den, and they are indeed entertaining. Television shows are however contrived for entertainment, and watching some over confident, and some might say arrogant, young “professional” stumble in front of a group of buyers is great sport, and inevitably drives the ratings that the TV companies are looking for.  The pitching in these cases though is no more a true representation of modern selling, than the quality of the Apprentices selected, is a reflection on the mostly brilliant young talent our country produces.  Likewise the pitching on Dragons Den is contrived for Television and nothing to do with reality.  Given all the thousands of pitches in the history of the show, the producers by now know exactly what type of investment the Dragons are looking for.  Again though, watching an Entrepreneur who has built a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, or an Entrepreneur who has no idea of their own company finances, or heaven forbid has massively overvalued their business, makes great sport on TV.  There is nothing quite like watching someone else crash and burn on TV to boost our own ego’s.

Sales Pitching

Teaching Graduates and Entrepreneurs to pitch is great for competitions, great for awards and in some cases great for Investment, but it is not selling and here are 5 reasons why:

1.  Sales Pitching is all about you.  Your product, your service, and modern selling is client centered not self centered.

2. When you pitch you are talking, and the best sales people are great listeners.

3. Sales Pitching is about telling prospects your reasons to buy and prospects buy for their reasons not yours.

4. The psychology of pitching puts the Salesperson on the back foot and modern selling is a partnership of equals.

5. Buyers are better educated than ever before, and when they meet a sales person they demand more than a generic value proposition pitched at them.

Sales Pitching has no place in modern, professional selling which has moved on considerably since the days when pitching was commonplace in old school sales. Yes we acknowledge that Pitching may be required to win investment, but we could equally introduce you to one of our country’s most successful companies at raising investment and they never pitched once.

Modern, professional selling is a partnership of equals and is developed via a series of intelligent, probing questions from both sides that allows both parties to evaluate whether they wish to proceed or not. Our clients never win at sales pitching, they win business because of their great questioning skills and ability to control, not manipulate the sales conversation.  They are honest and most of all, authentic in each and every interaction, and are certainly not arrogant or playing to a camera.

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5 Reasons Sales Pitching is NOT Selling
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5 Reasons Sales Pitching is NOT Selling
Sales Pitching events and competitions are common place now however a sales pitch has a very limited use and it's not in modern professional selling.
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