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The Best Sales Training

Best Sales Training 

You’ve probably found this post after searching online for Best Sales Training or Trainer, and rather than getting support from just any sales training company, you justifiably want the best sales training.  Well that makes sense, and before we go any further, we’re not arrogant enough to say any of us here at Klozers are the Best Sales Trainers, but here’s something else you might want to consider.  Whilst being the best sales trainers is a goal we absolutely strive to be, unfortunately being the best isn’t good enough and here’s why:

1)      You can be the best widget maker in the world but if your potential clients cannot find you, then all your product knowledge, your expertise and great service is worthless.  If your organisation AND your sales people do not have an online and an offline strategy for being found, then selling will always be more difficult for you than it should be.

2)      Once any potential new clients find you, the way that you communicate your Value Proposition both online and offline must be better than your competition.  Having the best widgets, demands the best communication strategies to convey your “best” status to prospects.  If the tools and strategies you use to communicate your Value Proposition are not the best then you may struggle to sell.

Most of our clients don’t come to us because they have poor products and services that they want us to help improve,

  • they come to us because they simply cannot either find enough new customers,
  • they cannot close enough of the potential new customers they find, and or
  • they want to retain and grow the clients they have.

The majority of our clients do have great products and services, and they may even be the best at what they do, however being the best at anything won’t help if your prospects don’t know you exist.  Our Sales Trainers not only understand this, they all have to practice this every day with their own portfolios of clients.  Every day we face the same challenges to continue to grow our business, as you do and that’s why we understand.

Best Sales Training

We would love to be the best sales trainers and every year each of us commits to further Learning & Development to try and get there.  But we also commit to, and spending as much time and effort on strategies and tactics that will make it easier for potential clients to actually find us and these real life experiences are what makes our sales training programmes so powerful.  Because we live it, it makes it much easier for us to teach it and maybe one day we will be the best sales trainers.

Lastly before you dive head first in and buy sales training from us or anyone else please consider this: your people may need sales training but often this is the WRONG place to start.  Unless you have the proper sales structure, process and governance within your organisation then any training no matter how good it is will just be a one or two day event with limited impact.  More importantly this is not a good return on your investment. 

Studies continue to show that people learn most from doing not sitting in a classroom.  Furthermore the Ebbinghaus Curve shows that people forget up top 100% – yes 100% of what they learn within one month of classroom teaching.  This is why we focus on Work Based Learning strategies that have a tangible impact on learning, but at the same time have sales people focus on their sales activities, and not stuck in a classroom.  Not convinced, then feel free to give us a call and we can talk you through some real life examples.

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