Closing Techniques in Sales [2018]

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Klozers Sales Training Closing Techniques in Sales [2018]

Closing Techniques in Sales [2018]

Closing Techniques in Sales  are always in demand by Sales Teams looking for ways to increase their performance.  The most common mistake we see however, is that Sales Teams are trying to close opportunities that are not yet ready for closing.  What’s worse, is that more often than not, by trying to close an opportunity that is not ready, sales people can very often lose the opportunity completely.  There is a balance to be struck between the timid “never ask for the order” sales person and the blunt force “Always be closing” approach.  To optimize your opportunities, and choose the perfect time to use those Closing Techniques in Sales, you can follow these 7 simple steps, to determine for yourself when a prospect is ready for closing.

Rather than rushing to the Presentation stage of the sales process, if sales people were to spend more time accurately diagnosing the root cause of the problems, the business and personal impact of the problems, buyers would be much more likely to want to move forward with a sales professional proficient at this, than anyone using Closing Techniques in Sales.

WITH REGARDS TO THE GAP – The gap is the difference between where the buyer is right now and their desired state in the future.

1)      Has the buyer verbally acknowledged the existence of a gap between where they are now and where they need to be?

2)      Has the buyer verbally acknowledged the symptoms caused by the Gap?

3)      Has the buyer verbally agreed with your joint Root Cause Analysis?

4)      Has the buyer verbally acknowledged the impact on their business of this Gap?

5)      Has the buyer verbally committed to eliminating the Gap?

6)      Has the buyer quantified the cost of the Gap?

7)      Has the buyer verbally stated the emotional reasons for closing the Gap?

This form of GAP ANALYSIS obviously requires great product knowledge, experience and Consultative Selling Skills.

You will notice we use the phrase “verbally acknowledge” often.  In our experience, most sales people fail to clarify exactly what is important to the buyer and what is being said by the buyer, versus what they are hearing.  Optimism, enthusiasm, desperation, assumptions and simple inattention to detail, all serve to cloud the hearing of sales people.  Unless the words come from the buyers lips, the sales person needs to confirm everything.

By teaching sales people this step by step process, you will find that buyers actually start to give the sales people the order, before the sales person has to ask for it.  The best sales people simply facilitate the right conditions for the buyer to buy.  In addition you will find this process easier to teach than closing techniques, as it will not conflict with any negative paradigms the sales person has, and buyers are much more comfortable with this process.

Whilst we strongly advocate you follow the seven step process to allow the buyer to buy, this does not mean you never use Closing Sales Techniques or never ask for the order.  If the sales person has walked the buyer through the seven steps, they have every right to ask for the order and indeed should do so.

The great thing about this process is the flexibility in terms of the time taken to go through the seven steps.  For smaller, less complex transactional sales it might only make sense to be taking a light touch, on each of the seven areas over a 15 minute conversation.  For complex Solution Selling with multiple decision makers and influencers, you can drill down into each of the areas in real detail.  Remember if you want to speed the sale up, slow the sale down to make sure you cover all the bases.

Remember the best Sales Professionals do not need to use Closing Techniques in Sales, as their buyers close the sale on themselves.   Once you master this, you will find selling is much easier, and a much more enjoyable process for your sales team and your buyers.

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Closing Techniques in Sales
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Closing Techniques in Sales
This article discusses closing techniques for B2B Sales people and provides a more productive strategy to closing sales than the tradtional approach.
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