Customer Profiling – Must Have’s

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Klozers Sales Training Customer Profiling – Must Have’s

Customer Profiling – Must Have’s

Customer Profiling


Customer profiling is a vital part of planning if you want to learn How to Increase Sales.  Unless we know who we are trying to sell to, we will not know where to look for them or even know when we have found them.  Startups are most likely to complete Customer Profiling as part of their initial Marketing Plan, however profiling is equally valuable to help existing businesses increase sales.  Furthermore Customer Profiling is something that every Sales person can do for themselves if the company has not yet completed the exercise.

In B2B selling we first define the Company that would be your perfect customer, and then we can define the characteristics of the Buyer within the company that would be your perfect customer.  If you are selling B2C then you can obviously skip the first step and focus on profiling the buyer of your goods and services.


1)    Customer Profiling – Defining the Perfect Company


Customer Profiling - Must Have’s


2) Customer Profiling – Defining the Perfect Buyer within the Company

 Customer Profiling


Customer Profiling is often overlooked however as the saying goes in sales “if you are not marketing to someone you are marketing to no one” and without this you will never learn how to increase sales.  Some companies will go as far as creating “personas” for the buyer and naming them.  This allows them to keep referring back to the profile to ensure they keep all future marketing communications aligned with the profile.  In the simplest of terms without a properly defined Customer Profile you will potentially be trying to sell the wrong things, to the wrong people, at the wrong time and taking time out to complete this exercise will help set your sales efforts up for future success.


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