Sales Email Template Mistakes

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Klozers Sales Training Sales Email Template Mistakes

Sales Email Template Mistakes

With prospects becoming increasingly more difficult to reach, our studies have shown that email has taken over from the telephone as the most popular method of communication between Sales people and buyers.  Fuelled also by the increase in Sales & Marketing Automation and the numerous email specific Sales Tools available on the market, there can be now no doubt that Email is one of the most important tools in a Sales Persons armoury.  Unfortunately there is however a negative knock on effect from this, and in this case it is the rise of the sales email template which does increase productivity but does so at the price of quality. Composing and crafting thoughtful and effective emails is time consuming, however they can be extremely powerful.  Cutting and pasting an email template as a means to either respond to a sales enquiry or as part of your sales process is not good salesmanship and here’s why:

1)      People buy from people and your personality does not shine through in an email template.  Furthermore Buyers are smart people and they can tell when they have just been “template” and they really don’t like it.  Read some online forums and see the wrath that exists when someone in customer service cuts and pastes a generic response to a buyer.

2)      These templates are becoming so prevalent that Buyers have received the same or similar emails before.  Buyers are smart and busy people , they don’t like timewasters.  These email templates like the one threatening to “close your file” if you don’t respond, are now becoming so “worn” that they are like old school sales techniques from the 70’s, for example “If I could show you a way?” or cringingly,  “What keeps you awake at night?”; so in short, the sales email template is now overused and becoming ineffective.

3)      Sales People are not lazy they are creative – so let’s not dumb them down and if they can’t write good emails then lets teach them how to write good emails.  The art of writing helps sales people think and thinking about how their solutions best fit the particular buyer is surely a good thing.


Let’s not be sheep, let’s not be lazy, and let’s not take the path of least resistance.  The next time you find yourself about to cut and paste into a sales email template, stop! Firstly if it’s between the hours of 0900 to 1700 pick up the telephone, your prospect might just be in and a phone call is often easier, quicker and more productive than an email.  Secondly, what makes great sales people is their personality so take time out and write individual emails that reflect your personality, weaving in your expertise and knowledge of the buyers circumstances.  Remember, just because something is easier doesn’t mean it’s right.