Sales Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

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Klozers Sales Training Sales Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

Sales Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

Sales Strategy is an area that is often overlooked even when companies are struggling to hit their numbers, yet an effective Sales Strategy can often make or break a company’s Sales Targets.  A Strategy is simply defined as “a method or plan to achieve a desired outcome”.  As Sales is the number one challenge for most organizations today, a proven and effective Sales Strategy is vital to the growth and success of any business.  Creating and deploying a Sales Strategy without looking and considering the wider business, is, in our opinion as professional sales consultants, negligent. Below we will share with you the most simple and proven Sales Strategy that you can take and start implementing in your own business straight away.

In sales and business in general, one of the smartest things we can do is to look around at other organizations and see what they have done to create success.  At klozers we love innovation, however we don’t believe in wasting time, energy and money reinventing the wheel.  There are already many successful organizations in the world, so we looked at how they achieved their sales success and tried to determine what sales strategy they all had in common.  We didn’t invent or create this strategy, but we can show you practical examples in different industries of how other companies have successfully executed this Sales Strategy and when you discover this strategy, you will also be able to recognize many businesses, even businesses local to you, that are following the strategy and achieving success.  You may even have figured out this strategy for yourself, but are here because you are struggling with the implementation.  That’s ok because you have come to the right place, so please read on.

The Sales Strategy Template is quite simply three steps as follows:

Step 1) Brand

Stop trying to build a business and start building a brand.  Why?  Because brands attract loyal followers, they create brand advocates and most importantly, they get to charge more money and will allow you to ride out any future business downturn.

  • Example: 4J Studios, owned by our very good friend Chris Van der Kuyl, who with Minecraft built a brand that has exceeded 19 Million in sales without spending one penny on advertising.  Minecraft has developed an amazing number of followers and advocates that generate awareness and marketed the product for them.

Step 2) Marketing

Marketing raises awareness of your Brand, your Brand Values, your Brand Messaging, and simply says “hey we are over here and this is why you should buy from us”.  If nobody knows about you or what you do, they won’t buy from you.

  • Example: Smarter Planet by IBM, from a campaign in 2008 grew and developed over many years to become a mission for the whole business, aligning employees with the company objectives and customers wants and needs.

Step 3) Sales

Sales Revenues are outputs from your Branding and your Marketing, so the stronger the Brand and the more effective the Marketing then the easier sales becomes.

  • Example: If you doubt this please stand outside any Apple store, anywhere in the world.  No selling takes place, it’s order taking – people go in and buy, as they have made their mind up to buy long before they even got to the store.  That is the power of Branding and Marketing.  If your business model requires direct sales people this does not mean you do not need sales people.  Try and imagine how much easier it would be if you worked for Coca Cola versus ABC Juice Company and had to make sales.  The strength of the brand and marketing of Coca Cola makes the sales persons’ job so much easier.

I appreciate many people watching and reading this may think, “this is not relevant, we are tiny compared to Coca Cola and Microsoft”; and that may be correct, however, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon all started as a small business in a garage.  Whether you are in B2B or B2C, look around you now and there will be small local, and regional businesses that have successfully built a brand and marketed it, and are now great sales engines.  There is no reason you and your business cannot be the next big thing.

Unfortunately, although this sales strategy is really simple, the execution is not so simple and it doesn’t work overnight.  The fact this sales strategy doesn’t work instantly is the reason most people give up on it.  So if you are looking for a magic wand solution to increase your sales, then sorry this won’t work.  On the other hand, if you are serious about growing sales and want a proven formula for success, this sales strategy is quite simply unbeatable.  Understanding that sales figures are impacted by other parts of your organization such as Branding and Marketing is the first lesson an Entrepreneur needs to understand, and looking at sales in isolation will only ever give you limited returns.