The Smarter Way to Sell More

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Klozers Sales Training The Smarter Way to Sell More

The Smarter Way to Sell More

Wake up your customers, increase your profits and sell more NOW!

At last there is a Smarter Way to Sell More.

Announcing the Kloze More Sales Roadmap – a 12 month programme to strategically grow B2B Sales.


Who’s the Programme for?

The programme is aimed at ambitious Business Owners and Sales Leaders who are looking for a Smarter Way to Grow Sales, rather than the magic wand or quick fixes that they know don’t work.  This programme increases Sales, Fast tracks your revenues to high growth, reduces the risk of ineffective marketing strategies and gives you immediate access to a proven framework for Success, with lifetime access and support.


Why Choose this Programme?

Studies continue to show that up to 80% of what people learn in 1 and 2 day event based training is forgotten or never applied.  This means up to 80% of your training budget is wasted.  Our interactive sales enablement platform allows users to learn at their speed, not the speed of the class.  In addition online training courses allow for “drip” learning over a longer period, allowing learners time to absorb and implement new skills.  Training events typically have no ongoing reinforcement as sales people return to the field whereby online learning offers ongoing reinforcement coaching to help users embed new sales behaviours.

Simply put this is the Smarter Way to increase sales.


What’s Included?

The programme includes:

1. 100% online for access anytime, anywhere

2. Self paced learning via Videos, Workbooks and Podcasts

3. Webinars and Support Forums

4. 121 Coaching available via Klozers Certified coaches

5. No expensive travel and accommodation costs

6. Interactive online learning portal, allowing Sales People to stay in the field where their customers are

Bonus – 12 Months Access to Course Materials

Bonus – 12 months online coaching from a Klozers Certified Coach


For further details you can learn more here

FREE Sales Toolkit

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