Top 7 Most Difficult B2B Sales Activities

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Klozers Sales Training Top 7 Most Difficult B2B Sales Activities

Top 7 Most Difficult B2B Sales Activities

B2B Sales Activities

After nearly 30 years in Sales and the experience of managing, coaching and training thousands of sales people in many different industries, I find the same problems around B2B Sales Activities continue to challenge the majority of Sales People.  I have also noticed that some of the most difficult activities to do in sales are often some of the simplest sales activities.  How?  Well, there is a difference between knowing and doing, as human emotions take over and resilience, perseverance and motivation begin to desert us, what were once simple tasks, become huge challenges.  Mastering these 7 B2B sales activities, and becoming consistent with them, will help you and your company hit your Sales Targets, more than anything else in Professional Selling.

1)       Consistently Prospect

Without a regular flow of prospects Sales People work with a mind-set of “Scarcity” rather than one of abundance.  This wrong mind set leads to Sales People making the wrong decisions.  For example a Sales Person with few prospects is much more likely to Qualify those prospects than disqualify them.  They will cling on to opportunities in their pipeline longer than they should, as they are frightened of how bare their sales pipeline looks without them.

2)      Consistently Qualify and Disqualify

Without the ability to objectively Qualify and Disqualify prospects most Sales People make the mistake of chasing “tire kickers”.  These prospects and opportunities are a “force fit” rather than a “good fit” for their products or services, and only serve to keep the sales person busy.  Busy Sales People sell less than half of Effective Sales People.

3)      Consistently Follow Up

Studies show more than 50% of orders go to the first sales Person to follow up.  Furthermore, most Sales People stop following up after 2 failed attempts when the average for following up, is 6 attempts.

4)      Consistently Set New Goals

Sales people without Goals are like ships without sails, in that they are going nowhere fast.  It is difficult to have the discipline to set goals but even more difficult to not relax once you have got those goals.  When we don’t hit New sales goals we end up Coasting, which means we may be pointing in the right direction but we are floating there, versus powering there.  Which would you prefer?

5)      Consistently Learn

Learning does not stop after University, nor is it the sole responsibility of the employer to develop and grow sales people.  The internet has information and “How To” guides on nearly everything for free, so there is no excuse for Sales People not taking ownership of their career and ongoing learning and development.

 6)      Consistently Journal

There is no Self Development, Sales Training or Sales Coaching expert in the world who does not advocate Personal Journaling.  Yet Journaling is probably the least used method of development in every company.  10 minutes a day can change your life, but because the change is not instant, Sales People give up on Journaling after 2-4 weeks, when in reality 8-12 weeks is when the real change occurs.

7)      Consistently Be Grateful

Practicing Gratitude not only changes your mind set but can also have significant health benefits.  It also reduces stress, helps us put any troubles we have in perspective and boosts our self concept and confidence.

There is nothing on this list of B2B Sales Activities that the majority of Sales People cannot do, however they need to be done Consistently.  Consistency is the first step to Sales Excellence and without Consistency in Sales Activities it is impossible to receive Consistency in Sales Results.  Inconsistent Sales Activities generates roller coaster Sales Results, resulting in feast or famine for the business.  The best time for prospecting, the best time to be objective when qualifying, the best time to be following up, the best time to set new goals, and be motivating ourselves to learn, journal and be grateful is with the positive mind-set that a full sales pipeline brings.  Success can breed comfort and comfort is the downfall of even the best B2B sales people.

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