Unique Selling Point Examples [2018]

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Klozers Sales Training Unique Selling Point Examples [2018]

Unique Selling Point Examples [2018]

The Unique Selling Point Examples below, are designed to help clients understand exactly what a Unique Selling Point is, and how they may use the Unique Selling Point Examples to help differentiate themselves from the competition.  It is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors, because if your buyer can see no difference between your product and service, they most often then use price as the differentiator.   Sales people who continually struggle with pricing and have to continually discount, often have simply not yet learned how to differentiate themselves.  Whilst Unique selling points are important, they are only one part of the sales jigsaw puzzle and as a stand alone feature they may well still not be enough to improve your sales performance in B2B Selling.

Unique Selling Point Examples – definition

Before proceeding we need to make sure we do not confuse ourselves between the Unique Selling Point and the Unique Value Proposition.  Hopefully the questions in the table below help simplify this process.

What is it about your product or service that makes it unique?What value does your product or service deliver to buyers?
What is it about your product or service that differentiates it from your competitors?What positive outcomes will the buyer receive after buying your product or service?
Is the differentiator important enough to your prospects for them to pay for it?Is the outcome important enough to your prospects for them to pay for it?
 Is it truly, honestly and genuinely unique?Is it truly, honestly and genuinely unique?

Whilst the differences are subtle they are important none the less and both can work equally well in the right circumstances.  They are as different as a Feature and a Benefit and because of this, Sales & Marketing Teams need to understand the difference.

Which one is right for you?  Well we would suggest you have both, because if you are serious about winning in business, then you need to evaluate what exactly it is you deliver and the benefit that provides to your clients.  You can also use any analysis to feed back to other parts of your business about how you are positioned in the market.

Unique Selling Point Examples

M&Ms (Product USP)
The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.
This is clearly an attempt to take market share from competitors like Twix and Milky Way.
Domino’s Pizza (Service USP)
You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, or it’s free.
In a crowded fast food market Dominos guaranteed exactly how fast, fast was.


The best way to discover your own Unique Selling Points is to simply draw up a Features & Benefits comparison chart.  Once you have identified any differentiators you can use the 4 questions in the table to double check.


Fuel ConsumptionLower Running Costs20mpg23mpg
Engine SizePower3.6L V63.0L V6
TransmissionManual / AutoAuto/ManualAuto/Manual
WarrantyLower Running Costs2 Years4 Years
User RatingsConfidence in buyingRanked # 1 for 3 yearsAverage Rank # 3
Please note this table is complete make believe and for demonstration purposes only.  Furthermore we have no financial interest in any truck companies.

A quick glance at the table shows there are differentiators for both trucks and they could choose to develop Unique Selling Propositions around the following:

Chevy Truck – Best in class fuel consumption, and a best in class 4 year warranty.

Ford Truck – Big engine power matched by big user satisfaction.

Answer the questions in the Unique Selling Point Table below to see if your USP passes the test.

What is it about your product or service that makes it unique? 
What is it about your product or service that differentiates it from your competitors? 
Is the differentiator important enough to your prospects for them to pay for it? 
Is it truly, honestly and genuinely unique? 

In addition to Unique Selling Points many companies develop a more elaborate version of the Features & Benefits Comparison Charts and use them as Sales Battle Cards to help their sales people when they are in competitive bid situations.  These can also be used as “Leave Behinds” by sales people after customer meetings.

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Unique Selling Point Examples
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