Unique Value Proposition Examples

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Unique Value Proposition Examples

Before you start to create your Unique Value Proposition Examples it might be worth setting the scene in terms of what exactly is a Unique Value Proposition, as there is often confusion with the Unique Selling Point.  Hopefully the table below will help clarify the small but important difference.  

?What is it about your product or service that makes it unique?What value does your product or service deliver to buyers??
?What is it about your product or service that differentiates it from your competitors?What positive outcomes will the buyer receive after buying your product or service??
?Is the differentiator important enough to your prospects for them to pay for it?Is the outcome important enough to your prospects for them to pay for it??
?Is it truly, honestly and genuinely unique?Is it truly, honestly and genuinely unique??


Whilst the differences are subtle they are important none the less, and both can work equally well in the right circumstances.  They are as different as a Feature and a Benefit, and because of this Sales & Marketing Teams need to understand the difference in order to sell more effectively.

Which one is right for you?  Well I would suggest you have both, because if you are serious about winning in business, then you need to evaluate what exactly it is you deliver.  You can also use any analysis to feed back to your Research & Development, about how you are positioned in the market.

Finding something Unique, whether it is a Selling Point or a Value Proposition can be very difficult and open to interpretation.  In our opinion, the majority by far of both Unique Selling Points and Unique Value Propositions are not Unique at all.  Realistically as far as the majority of the market is concerned we should swap the word “Unique” for “Rarely Found”.  Furthermore the majority of USP’s and UVP’s are actually more like Positioning Statements.

Most businesses avoid Unique Value Propositions, as in order to do this properly they force the business to clearly define and target a niche.  By doing this, they are sending out a message to the rest of the market which basically says we are not for you.  When you are starting out in business or in the middle of a recession this is counter intuitive.


 Unique Value Proposition Examples


Google Adwords
Want to grow your business? Put your message in front of potential customers right when they’re searching for what you have to offer.
The “Grow your business” is the positive outcome this message is delivering.
MacQuarie Bank
For business owners who want to be financially successful, we provide clear advice and plans for the future that provides you with clarity on where you are now and what you need to do to get where you want to be.
A clearly targeted message that refers to the outcome.
We grow your people, so you can grow your business and profits.
By mentioning the word “sales” this message defines its targets and then goes on to the outcome.


Before you try answering the questions below, we would strongly suggest you ask your existing customers these questions.  Customers are often all too happy to help suppliers improve their services and sometimes can give you many reasons you had never thought of, as to why they buy your services.  Remember to only ask customers who match your Perfect Prospect Profile – the type of customers you want more of.


?What value does your product or service deliver to buyers? ?
?What positive outcomes will the buyer receive after buying your product or service? ?
?Is the outcome important enough to your prospects for them to pay for it? ?
?Is it truly, honestly and genuinely unique? ?


Once you have completed the exercise, share the outcomes with your customers and ask them for feedback.  Better still, post your Unique Value Proposition Examples in the comments section below and we will give you some feedback.


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